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OK,,,,,So I had a little time this morning and thought that I would put the CLEANING Wash to the test......

For my test I took my 350X(Which is always pretty clean) that had a little Dust on it and I took a Rear Fender off my New Project which was just UGLY Dirty from sitting out in a Field for Several yrs.....

I followed the directions on the bottle....

(BTW....This is what is left in the Bottle after Testing)


Then went to work.....

I immediately noticed while I was spraying the product that it was "Soaping Up"...Kewl,,,,This stuff is actually doing something...LOL....I sprayed EVERYTHING!!!!

Now mind you I am pretty Sceptical when it comes to these kind of things.....Im a Hands on, a Little Elbow Grease and Love never hurt anyone kinda guy....But then again Im Lazy at the same time....I was told that with this product you didnt have to LABOR to achieve Satisfaction and to me that was enticeing enough....LMAO!!!!

With that being said,,,,,Here are my Results.....

For the Motor which is where you would normally get all your Grime for a 27 yr old machine it did what I expected it to do....Took the dust off,,,Not sure if that was the water hose or the product though.....Ive never really scrubbed on the motor in the last 5 or so yrs and it basically looks the same as when I hose it down after a typical ride....

Now we move on to the Plastic

WOW!!!!! This stuff (in my eyes) makes a HUGE difference!!!

After Rinsing I could see the water Beading up...Kinda like a Wax....Some of the Stains on the Rear Red plastic seemed to disappear!!! On my White plastic tank I had some Fuel Stains.....THOSE ARE GONE!!!! The Fork Boots(If you ever tried to clean these you know they are a PITA!!!!) CLEAN!!!!!!! And OMG!!!!! That UGLY White Rear Fender???? While it didnt take ALL the Grime off,,,,,,It made a DRASTIC Improvement!!!!

In closing.....

I would recommend this product for your Plastic use if you have average to above average Plastic....

I would like to thank the XtreamClean Team for their Generous Donation for the Testing of this Product....I had a Friend come pick up his Trike yesterday and gave him a bottle to try on that....I also gave him the Mud Guard because Honestly,,,,I dont ride in Dirt....He said that he would use it and Review it for me.....So Stand by for a SECOND Opinion!!!!

Before Wash




Wet before Application



AFTER Application




I went ahead and did a second application on the white Rear Fender.....I didnt notice a rear difference....Well,,,,Maybe a little......


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I just wanted to say thanks to mywifeknowseverythin for taking the time to test our products and for posting his results. It is greatly appreciated. If anyone has any questions or needs more information please visit the site X-Tream Clean XTC or drop me an email [email protected].

Thanks again,

Mark Skerlak

X-Tream Clean XTC

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      2014 Arctic Cat Wildcat 700 Trail Edition - ATV Rider Magazine
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      - How is the turning radius?
      - How well does it fit in tight woods trails?
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      - How does it do in the sand?
      So, to begin, let’s jump right to the things we love about the new RZR 4 Robby Gordon Edition:
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      - Tilt Steering Wheel
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      - High & Low Beam Lights
      - Simple 1-position On-Demand AWD System
      - Comfortable bucket seats front and rear
      - 4 cup holders
      - 12v power sockets front and rear
      - RZR S Suspension with heavier duty Fox Podium X 2.0 shocks
      Here’s what we’d like to see updated for next year’s models of not only the RZR 4 but also the regular RZR and RZR S:
      - Parking brake
      - 6 tie down points in the bed
      - Integrated hard sided lockable glove box
      And, specifically for the RZR 4, we’d like to see Polaris utilize the additional space under the rear driver’s side seat for added storage, because you can never have enough space to store stuff when out riding the trails. And, last but not least on the RZR 4, we’d like to see a quicker steering ratio and power steering due to the extra length and additional weight on the front end.
      But, we know what you’re really wondering is how it drove out on the trails, right? But, before we jump in with our full test, we’re happy to say the new Polaris RZR 4 Robby Gordon Edition is an all around amazing sport side x side. As you can probably imagine, the extra size has its limiting factors, but it also has some very beneficial factors, as well. So, to begin our test, we headed out to the Brimstone Recreation area in Huntsville, TN to test its prowess in tight woods trails.

      Part of what we were wondering is how many times we’d have to do 3-point turns to make it through the trees. We were wondering if we’d get hung up making hard off-camber turns by catching trees on the roll cage. We also wanted to see just how often we’d get hung up on steep water breaks and big rocks. And, finally we wanted to get the feedback of other riders on the trails with us that had other brands and models of UTVs for some honest comparison feedback.

      In the end, we were pleasantly surprised with the way the RZR 4 handled tight woods trails. We had folks with existing RZR’s, RZR S’s, Rangers, Prowlers, and Rhinos drive and ride in it, and their responses were all very similar.
      The engine is peppy when compared to non-RZR machines, and although not as fast as the RZR or RZR S, it seemed to have plenty of power to everyone that drove it. And, for those power hungry folks, there are plenty of options to increase the power of the High Output (H.O.) 760cc engine ranging from turbos to all sorts of bolt-on parts that can fit within your budget.
      Extra Wheelbase
      It didn’t get hung up on the tall and steep water breaks like everyone expected. Although you could feel it drag the undercarriage at times, there always seemed to be tires on the ground that were able to pull you through without getting hung up. The positive attribute to the extra wheelbase is that it rides very smooth, soaking up the bumps at both high and low speeds with little to no feedback through the steering wheel. When compared to the other 2-seat UTVs, some even mentioned it was possible to get hung up easier on the steep faced water breaks in their shorter wheelbase UTVs because their tires would be off the ground more.
      Comfort Factor
      Although we didn’t test it with 4 adults in the tight woods, we did put 3 adults in to drive it. Three of them currently drove Rhino 450’s, and they were pleasantly surprised at how well it rode, how comfortable the back seat was, and how much quicker it was when compared to the Rhino 450. Upon initial inspection we originally thought the rear seats would only be comfortable for small adults or children. But, after spending hours in the back seat, it’s truly as comfortable as the front seats with a nice grab bar running the entire width of the RZR 4.
      Turning Radius
      Our initial assumption was that we were going to have to constantly stop and make 3-point turns to make it through the tight woods trails. But, to our surprise, we only had to do this a couple of times in a full day’s ride. And, for comparison sake, the one guy with a Ranger XP had to do it in the same places we did. But, you will find yourself working the steering wheel more because of the added weight of the machine and what appears to be the same steering box ratio as a regular RZR. We’d like to see a quicker steering box ratio and power steering on next year’s models to make weaving your way through the woods a much more enjoyable experience.
      Overall Tight Woods Impression
      The astounding response we received from everyone that rode or drove the RZR 4 was “Wow, I didn’t expect that!” I think what we all realized is that our assumptions were nearly all wrong and that Polaris has really done their homework with the new RZR 4 Robby Gordon Edition. It’s obviously not as nimble as a 2-seat UTV or ATV in the tight woods, but for most people wanting to take their families out trail riding, the positives far outweigh the few times you’ll have to back up or slow down to weave your way through the trees.
      Continued below...
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      Here is a reveiw for the Sportsman XP 850 & 550.2009 Polaris Sportsman XP 850 & 550 Review
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