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    • There is a download of the service manual in the forum's  downloads section .  
    • Check plug  for spark and the carb for  fuel.  Seafoam  won't clean  out a plugged  jet if that turns out to be the problem. You'd have to take the carb off and clean  it  thoroughly.  No spark is  harder  to  chase down. First  check the electrical  harness for any loose or corroded/ broken  connections.If  still no  go  you'll  need a service manual to  get the specs on the components , or if you  have access to compatible ones to swap  out one at time  to  find the faulty  one.
    • Picked this up at the end of October (2014). Ran well up till a couple days ago and now won't start. Turns over, but won't catch. It's been a really cold winter. Put some seafoam in but that didnt seem to help. Any thoughts?

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    • ok thanks!  Do you think 30w small engine oil would do ok?  And if not, why not 
    • Btw, bayou is for officially for sale for $800 first come first serve lol  if you read this thread, you know all of it's history as far as I've owned it...  massage me privately if interested. I'm thinking the ignition coil is going bad maybe causing a weak spark and that was also causing it to run rich (and after riding the 220, I noticed its a little more sluggish is throwing the power down)