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STOLEN ATV: Stolen Blue Kawasaki 750 Brute Force

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    • By ninhalo5
      Hi, I'm having a serious issue with my 99 lakota.
      Earlier today I went to go for a ride and when I put it in gear it stalled out in gear for whatever reason, now it will not go back into neutral, when trying to get it out of gear a friend and myself pushed the quad back and fourth and I managed to get the gears to shift all the up to 5th but going back down it shifted really soft into 2nd and will not get to 1st or neutral.
      So I decided to tear apart the engine, I'm reading the Clymers manual to check for things that may be wrong, I'm thinking possibly the shifter and the star gear that shifts the gears might not be connecting correctly. to even look at that I have to remove both the primary and secondary clutches.
      The Clymers manual tells me to remove the primary by first removing the recoil starter and hold the rotor bolt to unscrew the clutch bolt. When I tried that the rotor bolt broke loose, so I decided to try to hold the rotor still and that is spinning. So now both of those ideas/methods have failed and I'm plum out of ideas on how to get that nut loose, then I'll have the same issue with the nut on the secondary clutch. According to Clymers the clutch nut is torqued to 107 ftlbs the only other thing I can think of is jamming the sprockets but thats not an option cause they will more than likely break a tooth or more.
      Anyone have any ideas on what I can try to do? The way it's looking now the bike is done
    • By jacked_72
      The front wheels of my quad have a ton of slop.  Its the spindle as shown in the picture.  There appears to be an outer plastic bushing of some sort and then an inner metal hollow rod that the attaching bolt goes through.  The slop in between the inner attaching bolt and the hollow rod going through the plastic bushings.  I see kits for bushings for sale, but I have not found just the spindle parts.  The length of the spindle where this bushing goes through is about 80mm.  Does anyone have a source for these parts that you could point me to?

    • By HeWasRidinDirty
      I need to replace both u-joints on the front shaft. I'm not sure where to even start. Do I have to punch out the bearing caps on the old u-joints to get them out? IDK That doesn't sound fun. LOL
    • By qwerty2469
      I have found a kit to repair the front differential pinion on the sportsman 570 and other models as well that use there same differential. The kits are $50 shipped in the US and$55 to Canada
    • By Gunny
      And I thought year 2020 was bad .............
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