TECH TIP!!!! Upgrade to POWER WINDOWS!!!!

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    • By BrokedownAtV
      Hello all, I'm stuck and that is why I am asking this question.
      From the title you guessed it, it's the stator/generator. I have a bad stator and I am attempting to understand the ins and outs of this thing.
      So I have a bad source coil on a 2005 Bruin Yamaha. I don't understand as to how with one wire measures only 6'in length you are supposed to get 200+ ohms.... plus, without a diode it only can be tested in one direction???.... something just doesn't add up!
      Thanks in advance
    • By D__L
      I want to upgrade, not sure what size tires will fit and do I need wheel spacers and lift kit?
      What performance mods do I need to do for the larger tires or don't need to ?
      Like the Maxxis Vipr tires.
      Maxxis Vipr front 27x9R-14
      Maxxis Vipr Rear 27x11R-14
      What size wheel will work? offset?
      Stock 25x10-12 Rears and 25x8-12 Fronts
      Stick with 12 inch wheels and get taller tires?
    • By OutlawGade
      [/ame]A 2014 compilation of the Renegade using some of its potential
    • By madstuff33
      hiya, im not really new to riding quads but i am new to owning my own (working) quad. i have a falcon 150, which isnt too bad, bit sluggish on steep inclines but overall far better than the smc r100 i used to own. i have a basic understanding of single cylinder bikes and a less than useful understanding of anything bigger so i may be asking for a lot of help lol. anyway, i look forward to being proved wrong relentlessly and actually maintaining a working bike
    • By jaysun
      I only started riding a few months ago. I'm very late to the game and have almost no experience riding, besides growing up on utility quads that I never had to work on and never left the ground with. I also have almost zero mechanical knowledge. But I'm willing to learn and my google-fu is strong. I also have a buddy that's willing to help me out with installation of new gear (even though he's just learning himself).
      After nearly two decades from the last time I rode, I decided to pick up a couple quads for the family. I wanted a sport quad for myself, so I got the KFX 450.
      I took it on a few trail rides before I got the balls to take it out to the motocross track. Out there, though, I'm finding that stock just isn't enough. Well, it's not completely stock. It has a steering stabilizer on it (whatever that does), and a few other small, non-performance based aftermarket parts. Oh, and I'm also running a 37 tooth rear sprocket. But it just doesn't seem to have enough power to hit the ramps at nearly the speeds that others are hitting them. Especially when I'm coming out of a turn followed shortly by another jump (admittedly, though, I'm sure some of that has to do with me being a bit of a sissy out there. This track is pretty scary. I don't have any small practice tracks near me, so I have no choice but do ride the big boy track).
      I guess what I'm looking for is this: The bike has a high top-end speed (like 75). I don't care about top speed. I rarely, if ever, need to break 45. I need a way to get the bike going much faster off the starting line. I'm extremely willing to put in the research and the work, I just need a good starting point from people that are much more experienced than I in these matters.
      I have money to spend, but not much at this very moment (I just dropped $1,500 on a new PC). Right now, I could probably drop $200-$300. If need be, I could probably afford $400-$500 a month in parts. I'm not saying I want to do that, but if I needed to save a bit to get parts, it's doable. I'm just trying to let you know my budget.
      What I'm looking for are suggestions on parts to get this bike faster off the line. Remember, I don't know anything about engines, so I apologize for the fact that you'll have to talk to me like a child. To be honest, I usually blindly follow knowledgeable forum users in these situations, but I'm very rarely let down. If I can find some suggestions on parts, I can buy them and work out the details later, the same as I do for many other things.
      I appreciate any advice you guys are willing to give. Thanks.