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  1. Yup- all Honda's here: Ranchers and Foremans.
  2. Thanks for the thanks! It truely means a great deal to hear it.
  3. No, I'm stateside right now. Speaking of, though, when I was in Iraq we had Yamaha's, Polaris Rangers and John Deere Gators (what POS's they were). They weren't for fun, unfortunately, just work hauling equipment and gear around the FOB's.
  4. No, they are signed out when needed from our Vehicles NCO. The unit I'm in now has Hondas, I think? I'll have to take a look today. I just got to this unit so we may have others besides Hondas.
  5. Yup- Full coverage on both. Costs me $126 a year for both.
  6. My old unit had Suzuki's and Yamaha's. There's been atv's in use during my entire 15 yr career and long before I came in.
  7. Newbie here from S.Western Idaho. I ride an '07 Grizz 700. Great website!

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