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  1. Well, it has to slide freely but can't have much play at all - the only way to know is to compare it to a new one usually. It's kind of hard to tell with the naked eye. Your slide did appear to move normally and if it was worn down that would allow extra air through making it leaner, right?! Another thing to watch for is the o-ring on the float valve (needle & seat) - was a new one used when the parts were changed out?
  2. Just got a look at your pictures, good quality shots! The third from last shows you holding the needle jet with the main jet attached. The separated part at the bottom is what I believe may be worn. If it isn't in spec, then it allows fuel to get past the needle at closed throttle when it shouldn't. Hopefully, if this is replaced and the needle itself is new as well the issue of overfueling should improve.
  3. There should be a few more pieces that go on top of the needle, you have them ok? and did you remove the main jet, needle jet, o-ring, holder, etc. from the carb body? a few more pics would be helpful to see if there's anything missing in there.
  4. Sounds like you may have a problem with the needle & nozzle alright. That would explain the over fueling and also why the adjustment screw doesn't do much. Can you compare the original parts to those replacements? Yamaha didn't offer carb rebuild kits, just individual parts I believe....they're expensive but usually worth it!
  5. Those carb parts I mentioned won't be in most aftermarket rebuild kits but you can get oem ones separately from a Yamaha shop. I used to wrench for the local dealership so I've run into this issue before. It's common on older single cylinder bikes since they vibrate and some spend a lot of time idling, therefore they wear the needle out in that spot. The tolerance between the needle and the tube it runs in has to be quite tight at closed throttle especially.
  6. I wouldn't sweat the resistance test on the coil - anytime a spec is less than an ohm this is normal. It's very difficult to get an accurate reading that low - if the coil was bad it sure wouldn't produce as rpm increases.
  7. Unless you see a misfire using a spark tester I doubt that there's an ignition issue - still sounds carb related. One thing that comes to mind is the pilot screw, is the little o-ring & spring properly in place? Usually this results in a lean condition at low rpm which makes for rough idle & bogging or hesitation. Since your symptoms indicate richness (ie. black plug) there could be wear on the needle in the slide, was this replaced already? You also have to replace the piece that it slides into, at the top of the needle jet. This is a likely reason why it over fuels and is really noticed at the closed throttle position. I will see if I can show a parts diagram of this. You should try needle set #2 & nozzle #16. Pilot screw o-ring is #9 https://www.ronniesmailorder.com/oemparts/a/yam/50038fb7f870021f60a0ca5f/carburetor
  8. https://www.100milefreepress.net/news/b-c-outdoor-clubs-get-funding-boost-from-province/
  9. spock58


  10. Wow, great photo Frank! That boat looks awfully far away from you, haha. Looks like the weather is decent, unlike up here in central BC. Nothing but rain, so that's good for keeping the forest fires away! Still going riding today unless there's too much lightning - last night was epic.
  11. It couldn't hurt to pull the air filter and see if anything changes - take it for a short ride and report back.
  12. If they're not leaking, just keep running them! The hubs run a small amount of ATF in them for lube.
  13. Sounds like the front diff needs help alright but the rear is normal - both axles are "locked up" together at all times. It really isn't a differential on the rear, usually called a gearcase btw.
  14. Oh wow, that's crazy! I wish we'd get more snow here for sledding, instead of the constant cold. By next weekend they forecast for it to start melting, then the dreaded spring breakup.
  15. What part of the (cold) world are you in?

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