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  1. I believe that you're reading 1 ohm on your meter here - the number 200 or 2000 ohms is an "up to" figure. If it was on the 20 scale, it would still read 1 ohm but would be more accurate and likely add a decimal & another number. Does this make sense? In other words, if the spec was around 300 ohms, you'd use the 2000 setting to get a proper reading. Really low resistance is difficult to read and usually only is accurate with a digital meter. Hope this helps.
  2. It's been awhile since I've done one but I do recall that those Rotax engines had lines on the cam sprocket. When the crank is at TDC, then the lines on the sprocket were parallel to the cyl. head surface. Hope this helps.
  3. Sorry if we hijacked your thread Rich! The Honda's are definitely cool - my favourited brand too. Just thought I'd mention that I too have a daughter in Kelowna Dave! My son lives in the states now, Portland, Oregon which is a pretty cool spot and has some great riding areas. We're pretty spoiled here in the Cariboo, I live on 15 acres that backs onto Crown (public) land that goes forever it seems. Hardly any neighbours or fences, plenty of lakes & clean air plus it's only 2 hours to a city like Kamloops or 4 hr. to the coast where Dave lives. My place is at around 4000' elevation so winter comes early and stays late most years, sledding is very popular too. If anyone is curious, let me know and I can give you a tour of this great area!
  4. You should consider the 100 Mile House area Dave, there will be lots of good deals on properties with the forestry jobs going bye bye. Plenty of awesome trails to explore too!
  5. Not that I've ever heard of, just an idiot light for low oil pressure on most Yamaha's.
  6. By all means try all the suggested tests but don't skip one of the most important ones: do a compression test!
  7. If you cannot find a lift then maybe stiffer shock springs would help out.
  8. Bear in mind that some Chinese carbs are dead ringers of the Japanese produced ones like Mikuni right down to the name on them. Even though they look the same, I've found some that have jets that don't interchange.
  9. Right back at ya! Still some warm days out here but yesterday it got down to 1C overnight - that's one degree above freezing so 33/34 F I guess. Brrr. A black bear discovered our two apple trees and totally demolished them, ate every last apple & it was a great crop!
  10. Well, it has to slide freely but can't have much play at all - the only way to know is to compare it to a new one usually. It's kind of hard to tell with the naked eye. Your slide did appear to move normally and if it was worn down that would allow extra air through making it leaner, right?! Another thing to watch for is the o-ring on the float valve (needle & seat) - was a new one used when the parts were changed out?
  11. Just got a look at your pictures, good quality shots! The third from last shows you holding the needle jet with the main jet attached. The separated part at the bottom is what I believe may be worn. If it isn't in spec, then it allows fuel to get past the needle at closed throttle when it shouldn't. Hopefully, if this is replaced and the needle itself is new as well the issue of overfueling should improve.
  12. There should be a few more pieces that go on top of the needle, you have them ok? and did you remove the main jet, needle jet, o-ring, holder, etc. from the carb body? a few more pics would be helpful to see if there's anything missing in there.
  13. Sounds like you may have a problem with the needle & nozzle alright. That would explain the over fueling and also why the adjustment screw doesn't do much. Can you compare the original parts to those replacements? Yamaha didn't offer carb rebuild kits, just individual parts I believe....they're expensive but usually worth it!
  14. Those carb parts I mentioned won't be in most aftermarket rebuild kits but you can get oem ones separately from a Yamaha shop. I used to wrench for the local dealership so I've run into this issue before. It's common on older single cylinder bikes since they vibrate and some spend a lot of time idling, therefore they wear the needle out in that spot. The tolerance between the needle and the tube it runs in has to be quite tight at closed throttle especially.
  15. I wouldn't sweat the resistance test on the coil - anytime a spec is less than an ohm this is normal. It's very difficult to get an accurate reading that low - if the coil was bad it sure wouldn't produce as rpm increases.

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