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  1. If it had bad fuel lines, that could make things worse alright. If they disintegrate then there might be more crud in the carb you just replaced/cleaned.
  2. I'd start by connecting an inline spark tester to it so you can watch ignition while it's running. When the engine quits, so you still have spark? If so, then it's on to checking out the fuel system.
  3. If you pull that rubber cover off you'll know....looks like it could be part of the lower half of the housing.
  4. I like the look of the red! did you paint it yourself?
  5. It was around that year they had a problem with cam chain guides wearing out. It would be nice to know if yours has the updated ones already. Good idea to keep the u-joints greased regularly and keep an eye on the brake pads as they wear out quickly.
  6. Looks like it could be a wet brake system, ie. no brake shoes & the system is enclosed in the rear diff.
  7. You should start by removing the cable and see if it's seized - that's the most likely culprit.
  8. Any exhaust leakage can also be causing backfires. If you didn't use new gaskets then I'd suggest you try that too.
  9. That's certainly the worst one I've seen, haha! Only one funnier is a Canam I worked on once for a fencing crew. The rear drive (prop) shaft was gone entirely! The guys hammered the poor thing for so long that once the u-joint exploded, the rest of the assembly abandoned ship. Kept driving it of course with only front wheel drive....had no foot peg/well on one side either, must have ridden side saddle.
  10. You know, I'd take the time to tear it down and see what the damage is. If you can get by with a couple hundred in parts plus labour I'd go for it.
  11. All the ones I've seen don't have a metal cover like that one. You're going to remove that broken axle before it will move - likely... On the older Suzuki's like that they didn't rebuild, just replace as an assembly.
  12. Looks like you need another axle - ujoint packed it in probably.
  13. The newer style gear will have thicker, stronger teeth compared to the original. It will be obvious when you compare them.
  14. I've never seen a Suzuki model like that around here but it sure looks like the Kawasaki Brute Force 750 I'm dealing with. Has the exact same failure - broken starter gear. According to the info I found in a Kawie forum, these gears were known to break and were eventually beefed up by the factory. Replacement parts from 2012 and up were what was recommended. Still waiting for the new parts to arrive, sounds like that's a common issue everywhere eh?!

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