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  1. Well, if it is an Ultramatic they use a separate clutch for engagement. When there's something wrong in that system, then it could cause trouble with shifting since the belt could be turning when it's not supposed to. Hope that makes sense.
  2. If you're getting a new winch I'd recommend a Warn with a mount kit meant for the model you have. It will cost more but be worth it in the end.
  3. Yeah, that sounds pretty typical. Once it's broken in and gets the oil changed things should work just fine - hey, it's a Honda, no worries bud!
  4. I believe that your quad has a CVT system (belt drive) that changes gears automatically, as well as a separate (sub)transmission to change from forward to reverse/neutral gears. Is that the system you have & is it a problem going from F-R-N?
  5. I'm in agreement with what was listed above. All important stuff for sure. The airbox & filter should remain stock on utility quads. The CV style carbs they use depend on this design. You cannot just run an air filter that just bolts on the carb with stock jetting - it's a hassle to get them running properly. I'd like to add that the diaphragm on top of the slide on these carbs is important as well. They must seal well or you won't get proper acceleration.
  6. Don't overlook the spark plug boot - wire connection. If in doubt, cut the wire back...
  7. That's good, I believe the spec is closer to 450-550 so anything around 500 is ok.
  8. The other wires are for the pickup coil and it is common for these to fail on Yamaha's. Usually they have a white/red & white/green wires: resistance is 450-500 ohms. I've used RM Stator for jobber electrical parts and so far so good. Hope this helps.
  9. It's possible that the flywheel key has been damaged which lets the ignition timing get messed up. You'll need a puller to remove & inspect those parts.
  10. If this is a Traxter model then it's likely a wiring issue. This was a common problem on those quads.
  11. This quad is 15 years old and used daily by a rancher. Fortunately he brought it to me for repair before it was totally destroyed, haha! Because of a loose ball joint I have to replace the steering knuckle/spindle and the upper A-arm as well as the brake caliper, pads, etc. Surprising enough, the motor ran fine - even with over 10,000km & thousands of hours on it. Most Japanese quads are pretty durable.
  12. Oh, it gets better! After fixing the stator, I looked at the front end and it was ugly...brakes worn right through the pad until the caliper piston contacted the disc!?
  13. Just pulled this stator out of a Grizzly 700, unreal how crispy it got! Must have something to do with the owner running it off a car battery long after the stator quit. Anyone else see one this bad?
  14. Have you been able to verify that there is enough oil feed to the cylinder head?

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