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  1. I've had pretty much this same issue on my 2003 Kodiak 450 for years. It's really annoying when plowing snow given all the start-stopping-stalling. At times I've used the choke slightly engaged to keep it running, but I know that's a band-aid fix. I've tried messing with the idle speed, but that didn't really work. Which jet is the low speed one?
  2. I just went out and quickly looked for this but didn't find it. But it's kinda hard to see the bottom-side with the carb installed, so maybe it's just hiding?
  3. Yea, I tried messing with that some a few years back and it didn't seem to yield good results. I forget exactly now so it might be worth messing with again.
  4. So it sounds like replacing the carb with a cheap after-market unit isn't a good idea. It seems to me that if there's a jet which is used at idle which I could step up one notch, that could be a resolution. But I really don't know enough about how this carb works to know if that's feasible. Anyone know better?
  5. Is your fueling issue a tendency to stall at idle? That's the problem I've had for years, and I've considered swapping in one of those carbs that you see all over eBay for $35. And yes, I have tried cleaning the carb, but to no avail.
  6. After getting 10 years out of my original battery, I've only gotten 3 out of a Vietnamese "Adventure Power" UTX20L. It still indicates 12.X volts, but totally fails a load test so I'm assuming it's junk. Some might say it was "junk" from day 1, and I suppose I might agree now. Is there any value to getting a larger battery and putting it in the big storage space under the seat? Maybe a Deka ETX30L? Or should I just stick with the stock size, but get a "better" battery such as the Deka ETX20L? Any input appreciated.


  8. At the end of last Winter my snowplow cable broke and now I finally need to get around to replacing it. Original cable was 1/8" but I think I can upgrade to 3/16" - anyone have any experience there? It's a Yamaha branded plow w/ a Warn (I think) manual lift. There's a ball-end on the cable, so not sure if that complicates matters and I need to get a pre-made cable. Appreciate any insight
  9. Just to close the loop on this thread, all back together and running fine again. I thoroughly sprayed the float mechanism and all the little needle holes with carb cleaner, reassembled, and all good now. Still not too sure what got the float valve hung in the down position, but that's what must have happened. Hopefully the problem doesn't reappear in the middle of a snowstrom.
  10. Ironically enough, I was getting this done about the same time you posted this yesterday! I clipped the rear tang off the lower air-box - it doesn't even get fastened any way, so all it mostly does is gets in the way when re-installing. The other "trick" was to pull the forward hose clamp back - the one that fastens the inlet hose to the carb. I did this since you have to have the hose attached to the air-box when installing, and you really have to mash the snot out of that hose as a result. Once you get everything positioned in place, you pull the hose clamp forward into place and tighten. Glad I didn't have to cut it - hope I don't have to pull the box again any time soon.
  11. I go there, login, and as soon as I try to go to "My Member Account Page" I get the error message... Sorry! This area is for official members only. Please login or signup. I'm sure I verified it originally when I first signed up. The thing is, that e-mail address is dead now so I'm sorta in a catch-22. I could just start over and create a new ID with the new e-mail address, but that seems like the wrong way to do it. Can you manually verify the account perhaps and then I'll be able to go change the address myself? Thanks...
  12. Nope. Thinking about cutting some of the front-to-back length out of it and plastic-welding it back together.
  13. Just tried it again and I'm still getting this message... Sorry! This area is for official members only. Please login or signup. Very odd...
  14. I really had to yank on it to get it out - it's hitting the back panel just forward of the battery. I almost got it in place, but then realized I had totally smashed the hose clamp down for the inlet hose.

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