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CDI box for Yamaha 1995 Moto 4


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I need a CDI box for a 1995 Moto 4 350ERG.  I ordered one online, it was the same part number as the one I took off my machine, but the wiring connectors were different and more importantly, my old CDI box had two extra leads on the wiring harness than the new one did.  I called the dealer that I ordered the new box from and they said the new box was updated model (or something) and they couldn't help me with the different wiring harnesses.  Can anyone here help me figure out how to convert the new box to fit the older wiring harness?  I can cut off the connectors and solder on the old ones, but some of the wiring colors don't match and then there is the problem of the two extra leads.  Or maybe, someone knows where I can get an old style CDI box or perhaps a Yamaha ATV salvage yard.  Any help would be appreciated.  I own four ATV's of different brands and the Yamaha Moto 4 is my favorite.

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to CDI box for Yamaha 1995 Moto 4
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I just noticed this topic, where you able to get this going? My rule of thumb is that if it isn't the same new then I return it or look online for an adapter kit or instructions for how to use an updated version. When it comes to electrical, I'd rather it be plug-in and go.

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