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Girlyz Gear: Buy One Get One Free

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Hey ladies...

Just wanted to let you all know, Girlyz, my gear sponsor for 2008, is having an AWESOME special for the month of March:

Buy one set of gear, get one free :) :)


Directions: When you place your order for the set of gear, write what sizes and color you need for the second set in the comment box.


go ahead, support this greattttt sponsor :)


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no problem, they're a great sponsor :) you can even call and place your order over the phone if you want to make sure they have what you want in stock, that's usually what I do...if you can't find their number online, let me know if you're interested....I'll get it for you :) :)

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no problem :) ya'll should check out this website too:

Pretty Tough

another sponsor of mine, but I love them as much as Girlyz....hate to say it but they're my two favorite sponsors because they empower women so much!!!!!!

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I can wear the Vision Shirt/Gloves...not the pants, yet...maybe by the end of the summer I can...

So I run the Recreation Gear pants...I get the Basic Black...but they have a bunch of other designs to choose from...and the sizes go up to 20!!!!!! That is by far the biggest sizes I've seen any company make in girl's gear!!!

Hope that helps ya FoxChick :) They really are a great company!!!!

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I've never tried mens gear, so maybe some day, but as long as they'll sponsor me, I'll stick with them...they've got good quality stuff, and I can't help but want to support a company that is promoting women's riding and racing...:biggrin:

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