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Looking to get my first quad

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Been contemplating getting one for a while now, found one that's in my price range. Will be checking it out tomorrow. 

87 yamaha warrior 350, bone stock.

Mainly just to put around on and ride the back roads up nothern mn. With it being a single cylinder 4 stroke not exactly powerful or fast but enough.

I know if I dont like it i could easily get my money back on it.

I'll poke around on here a little bit but not really big on forums anymore.


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Just be careful with what you are buying. At that age it could end up costing you more in the long run. Check the air filter first for dirt, if it is not clean chances are there may be dirt that got into the engine. If it stops working you will have to put money into to get it fixed and thus not getting your money back. Also make sure the person selling it provides you with the pink slip. No pink slip, no buy. 

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I agree with @Boozy  you have to be careful. We all had this conversation with a recent  topic that was posted on buying a used bike. There are priceless tips from the members that have been through the ringer.  Some good and some bad situations.  Take a look at that topic if you can and if you have any questions ask away. This is a forum you will actually enjoy.  Tons of info here at Quadcrazy. Now aside from that I have to say you will be shocked with the speed of a bike like that. Don’t under estimate the power or the year of that bike. You will love it, especially if it’s in stock condition.   Be sure to post some pics and even if there is no pink slip, a bill of sale with the vin# on it and the sellers name and signature is binding. You shouldnt have a problem.  

Good luck and welcome to Quadcrazy! 

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It's at a dealer so I feel better about buying it. The plastics are a little rough but its 31 years old so to be expected. 

I have an idea what to look for, long as the clutch dosent slip, burn oil, filthy oil soaked motor, idle bad I think I'll be in the clear. Granted never really know till after I own it, is usually how it goes.

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Make sure you can test drive it first and let it idle before and after. The eyes/demenor of the salesman will tell you if you are getting close to something when you start looking at things. At the end of the day its the dealers responsibility to make money.

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The only thing is its supposed to be a high of -2 tomorrow and windy. How I dont know how well it will take that cold. My harley wont run in those temps, I'll be able to ride it for maybe 5 mins before I'm frozen. Hopefully I get a good idea.

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