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So I love my hids. The only thing I don't like is when you switch from low beam to high, the low beam turns off. We all know that hids take a few seconds to power up. Thus causing blindness for a few seconds.


How do I wire it so when I turn on the key to the 3rd position the low stays on all the time


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Simple solution is go to the ignition wires with a test light and find the wire that goes live (12v) when in third position and tap that with a wire connector and extend to your hid wire (fuse in between) right where you tap it. This way they are always on with the key. You have to disconnect the existing wire  that’s feeding the hid now though. 


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Yea it’s pretty simple. The low beam light should have a small plug on it right behind the light assembly.   Pull that off and leave it be.  Just need a few feet of 14 gauge stranded wire red preferably and one inline fuse and a crimper.  And they sell connectors that will plug right back into the light fixture plug for your new wire.  Your wire should have the new plug connector on one side and the inline fuse and a tap connector at the area of the ignition. 


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