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Kawasaki KLF 220 (1989) parts

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Clutch fibers for the secondary or shoes for the centrifugal?  I'm not sure the shoes are available any longer for the main clutch.  the last one i had, i just carefully regrooved the shoes and used a dremmel to take some of the ridges out of the drum.  It pulled like a champ afterwards.

Brake cables are pretty generic and all over ebay.  You can order the cheap chinese knockoffs and be fine with a brake cable.  Worst case the mechanical foot brake still works.

Plastics are tough to get a hand on though.  Fairly expensive repop.  I'd say patch and scrub the ones on it as clean as you can if they're still there.  Plastics alone are nearly what the bike is worth.

Tires, whatever is cheap.  There aren't a lot of options in the smaller older wheels.  SunF and several companies make name brand clones that are fairly inexpensive.

valve stem seals i'll only go OEM.  I usually order from Partzilla.

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