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Warn 424 alternative

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For you guys that have full time 4wd like a Honda 300, 350 Rancher, etc that is all time 4wd Warn used to make a 424 that was a manual disconnect that replaced the front drive shaft. Warn sold the patent to Wide Open and they made a cheaper made unit. They were about 300 but are out of production. The few left are bringing 800 now. So here's my question; Maybe I'm reaching here, but since there is basically no such thing as a 424 anymore, have any of you fine folks thought through whether you can make a transfer case that will disconnect? If you could move either gear forward a half inch it would be disconnected. Thoughts?

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2 hours ago, MarkinAR said:

The rancher ones are still available but there's like 3 in the US left right now for the 300 and they are bringing $800 or so. Keep in mind a year ago these were $179. Thus why the search for an alternative 


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I'm back. I stripped my 300 for parts. Good Warn disconnect, wheels, winch.

I bought a 2002 Rancher 350 ES with a Warn disconnect that had the cable ripped off an that left it stuck  in 2WD. I removed the Warn driveshaft and the unit functioned when I cut off the bunged up cable. I don't want to take the cable and control off the 300 unit, but Warn cable kits don't seem to be available either. I am thinking of making my own cable with a control lever or such to operate it.


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