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Vacation/Scenery pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post pics of places you've visited! I'm a photo junky. I LOVE taking pics. I carry my camera w/me everywhere I go. I can find something unique and beautiful in everything that crosses my path....

This could also give other members ideas of where to vacation at as well! :yes:

This is Estes Park, CO. and surrounding area:






Rabbit Valley, CO. (most of you have seen these):






North Sand Hills, CO.:







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All my Vacation Scenery for the last UMPTEEN years have been Lots of Sand with a Splash of Woods....Ill try to sort through some stuff...I have Thousands of Pictures....

But here are a Few....

My Faithful Riding Partner....Pismo CA


My Youngest Son...Garrett...



Mywife and myson...LOL


My Mom and my Son...


Perfect End to a Beautiful day at Pismo...






Can you See my riding partner.....???? He didnt think I could....LOL....Im all Zoomed in....Im Quite far from this shot....




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Some Shots from Diamond Lake Oregon just a Few months ago....





Ok,,,,,LMAO!!!! Here is a Series that I shot of my Buddy Going over Backwards on Banshee Hill....Winchester Bay Oregon....Again,,,sorry for the Poor Quality....Im again FAR WAY!!!










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Im with you.....I love Taking Pictures....What is your Camera???

Great Pictures....

Is this STUPID Trying to sneak up on a Fish????


It's a Canon Rebel EOS, going to get a new one soon though cuz mine is getting beat to shit takin it riding w/me!

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Thats it for now....That was alot of work Diggin up those....:biggrin:

Wow, you have some great pics yourself! :yes: I love the one of the silhouette rider on the dune, and the Trike with the sunset behind it! The sequence pics are funny as hell!!!!!! :laugh::laugh:

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It's a Canon Rebel EOS, going to get a new one soon though cuz mine is getting beat to shit takin it riding w/me!

Hey there girl, watch the language!:mad: This place is for little kids too.

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Hey there girl, watch the language!:mad: This place is for little kids too.

:censored::policeman: Sorry babe....maybe you need to put me in handcuffs and discipline me.....:woot::woot::woot::withstupid:

wait, that probably wasn't appropriate either, was it.....:wink:

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And some pics of my favorite spot in the world... The lake near Stonyford Ca...


You can just see my husband on a waverunner across the lake...


and me coming into camp after an early morning ride with my dog... lol :wink:

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