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I Picked up a 3 wheeler! Yamaha 225 DT

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Yamaha 225 DT

first two pictures of how it looked when I picked it up, last picture is today, I started by taking the racks off, and the windshield, and the seat. working on taking the rear fenders off to look at things next.

 6-18-22 048 (2).jpg

 6-18-22 048 (7).jpg

6-27-22 044.jpg

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    • By Hagbard
      1990 Suzuki LT160e that has been frame-off restored and motor swapped with a LT230e. Motor has new Wiseco piston, Shindy valves, upgraded valve springs. New carb. Full DG RCM Alloy exhaust and oversized header pipe. All new tires, rears are Maxxis RZR Plus MX, new seat cover, all new plastics, new bearings and seals all around, fresh brakes and new tie rods. 
      Took me a year to finally have that light bulb epiphany oh sh** moment when I realized one crucial mistake from last fall, corrected it, and it fired up and ran like a champ. 

    • By Clayzimmerman
      So i replaced the head gasket on my kodiak yamaha and it is not starting i checked and made sure it had spark and was getting gas and then i noticed that it was blowing air out of the intake. i checked the exhaust and i can hold it shut with my hand but i cant hold the intake shut. Any idea what is going on?? Thanks 
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      Guys, having trouble finding the correct rubber boot for my big Bear.  I've ordered 2 of them and both are wrong.  The old one was 4 inches across on the end with the tabs.  New ones are 5 inches across.  Much to big to fit properly.  TIA Hope someone has an idea.
    • By JackThompson899
      Hey guys,
      I have lurked here for about 7 years (thanks for the yearly birthday wishes!)
      I posted 7 years ago that we bought a used Yamaha Bear tracker.. and we have had many adventures since then, but half of them have been repair “Adventures”
      It stopped starting (Even pull start) last year and I tried the basics (Spark plug, clean carb etc)
      I took it into a shop and they did EVERYTHING to get it to spark. New coil, replaced the entire handlebar cluster (Switches, coil, starter switch, neutral safety, and finally replaced the entire wiring harness.)
      It simply won’t even try to start. Pulling the pull cord doesn’t start it. After paying for their time and efforts (Over $1000) I dragged it home dead... This shop only “Fixes” things using OEM factory parts and won’t “Jury rig” anything... so if there was a creative way to bypass the entire thing to just start it, they couldn’t really discuss it.
      I did ask the mechanic when I was loading it up “What would YOU do if this was your ATV at home and you had these issues?”
      He said he experimented with bypassing the kill switched and it turned over. I didn’t think to ask HOW he bypassed the kill switch, but it sounds like that’s my culprit!
      So how do I bypass the kill switch on a 2003 Yamaha Bear Tracker 250? Or, is there a way to Hotwire it so I can start it without the starter button (In case that’s the issue, even though it shouldn’t be since the entire handlebar cluster is new.... it seems haunted at this point!

    • eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

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      Anyone had any luck straitening bent racks?  Any tips or videos would be appreciated.  
      IMG_0502.HEIC IMG_0503.HEIC IMG_0504.HEIC IMG_0505.HEIC
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