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New ATV rider and ATV.


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"Wolf" in North Idaho, Ulfthednar to all ya'll heathens out there.

New to ATVs but not real new to life.

Just picked up a 2022 CFMoto CForce 800XC.

I've been wrenching on my own vehicles since my first bicycle fifty years ago.

I have found in the long run that the brand name in most cases has less to do with than the idiot wielding the wrench.

Built up several trucks, built my 80 80 FLH Electra Glide out of milk crates, wrenched on a lot of other stuff in between.

Ive even Trail road my 73 shovel in places that would give a kid with a BMX second thoughts.

Anyway, Ive wanted an ATV for awhile and its already handy around the house and a lot of fun out on the trails.

From a point of view of working on things for quite awhile . . I am not disappointed in the least yet.

Not with ATV riding or the machine . . .

My back yard runs up to about an 8 or 9 pitch (for ya carpenters out there) and rips right up it.

This thing pulls hills and handles pretty damn good once you get the drifties going.

Its close to 1,000 lbs so I dont really see it as a jumping machine, but it handled a pretty good bunch of whoopties out on an MX/ATV trail.

Once I got the timing down of the machine it was a sheer blast.

Id have more pics of that day, but every time I stopped the bald face wasps tried to jack my machine and lunch.


FirstRealRide - 08.26.2022 FRD3001 (5)Resized.jpg

FirstRealRide - 08.26.2022 FRD3001 (7)Resized.jpg

FirstRealRide - 08.26.2022 FRD3001 (8)Resized.jpg

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I've got a couple of plastic "fish bins" on my bike. I made mild steel straps running down inside for strength and the outside straps have  hooks that hook under the carrier rails to keep them in place. I can push the bins at the top and they tilt forwards or back and dump whatever's in them. They are handy general carriers, and I use them to shale my drive. Shovel the shale in and tip it out. Tossing stuff in them's easier than tying it on.. and I've already got enough tied on with the spade, shovel,, pick, rake, slasher, and sometimes firewood. The bins, when they aren't being used for shale have handsaw, kero, axe, wedges, short ropes, sledge-hammer, chains, chain-block and  shackles, spanner.. stuff that's hard to tie on.. 

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Ive found plano makes a couple of bins that will fit perfectly in the back corners of my rear rack.

theyre "on the list" of to buy stuff.

Also aiming for the rack insert that locks in because the passenger seat comes off.

I ended up with an extra passenger seat in a bits n pieces trade but I don't think ill be able to use the seat bracket and build a rack.

It doesnt have a basic "framework" but is modularly designed specific to the seat.

I MIGHT be able to trade for it though . . 


thats not a bad idea . . an ATV/UTV swap meet . . 

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