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The hell do I do with a Rincon 650 4x4?


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So I am building a behemoth 4x4 live in van to tour the USA. I have several vehicles and a dog. 


I plan on taking a kayak, and something either on the front or the bac of the van, as secondary transportation. 


I have a BMW R1200C, but cannot fit a dog on it a., And b., Even with a side car, it would weigh too much and be too awkward to tow.


I am a proficient, college educated welder and fabricator.


I love the design and reliability of the Rincon 650 (mine is carbed), and the fact it's 4x4. My Rincon is way too externally beat up to sell for anything remotely fair, but mechanically is very sound and reliable.


I was thinking of chopping it in half and making a sort of miniature side by side... It's still slightly wider than I would want, but it is street legal (in AZ where I live) and would carry both me and my husky dog reliably, and efficiently even over difficult terrain.


My other thought would be a pit bike, but then the dog is excluded, no reverse and no all terrain. I could easily fabricate or install a lift gate that would house the quad, however. 


It's too beat up to make "look nice", I'd rather have a covered all terrain miniature side by side, with a place for my dog in the rear. 


But idk. The more I look at the quad the more I want to make it a go kart. Like I said, I can't get any money for it and I have too much to sell as it is. I have a covered two seater go kart, but it's 2wd and underpowered. I modified it to carry two dogs, but I'd rather turn my Rincon into a custom buggy. 


I will be hitting the road hopefully next year and don't want a ton of sh** in storage.


Constructive, helpful ideas are welcome 

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