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  1. UPDATE I checked the diaphragm like you said, it was good. I noticed when I removed the choke piston it was pretty gummed up and corroded, and the spring was insufficient for it to push back in when i released the choke. So I thoroughly lubricated the choke cable and cleaned the piston, and it turns out that this must have been a problem since I got the quad, because it has tons more power, it doesn't ping any more, and it idles fine now. The choke pull broke so the cable is exposed, I need to seal it and maybe use safety wire to pull the cable end to the pull button so it is secured. But the problem was he choke the entire time.
  2. Thank you for that I will check that out. There is another symptom here, when I pull the choke to start it, if I push it back in, the quad acts like it's still out... Before when I would push it back in the idle would immediately drop. I adjusted the throttle stop/idle in enough so that it has a sort of lumpy idle, that's the best I can get. I'll check the diaphragm when I am able...
  3. Hi, I have one of the very first Rincons. Recently after sitting for a while, a few months, it will start but not idle. I took the carb off and cleaned the jets, but they seemed clean. I have tried adjusting the throttle stop idle but it still stalls. I absolutely do not like CV carbs and I don't know much about them, but what else could this be? If not clogged jets there's so many hoses and tubes on this thing and wires and sensors I don't know where to begin.
  4. Hi, I have a 1991 Suzuki King Quad 300. I bought it not long ago, and it has never run right. I bought a new diaphragm for it. It's sealed in that department. It barely ran good before, and actually I got it to run fairly good, with a good pull with a clamp in air cleaner. I put a snorkel on it, making sure to use pipe that would allow an ID as big as the carb intake flange, so there's no restrictions, and the same clamp on air cleaner. I went through the carb again, even put a top quality Japanese rebuild kit in it. It starts and idles perfectly. Has good power from idle to about 1/3, then anything past 1/3 throttle, or thereabouts, it just bogs down and completely dies. If I pull the choke in, I can get it to half throttle without it bogging down or dying. It pops and backfires and sputters the whole time, then past a certain point the engine acts like I hit the kill switch. It IS getting gas in the carb by the way, I put on a electronic fuel pump which helped things immensely. I put on a fuel pressure regulator and got the fuel to around 2 PSI. I am at about 5,500 feet elevation, and the main jet is a 120. I am considering coring out the main jet to a larger size to see if that helps anything. This quad is already such a gas hog, but maybe if it is jetted right it won't be so had? Edit: It does actually run a tad better when it is warmed up.
  5. Hi, I have a 1991 King Quad that I bought that needed "carb work". So I bought a rebuild kit and installed it, checked and set float height. It idles okay, but when I give it gas it stumbles all over itself. On full throttle it suddenly comes alive and pulls and pulls. It is rideable, but only marginally. So I was examining the slide and diaphragm, but at the bottom of the slide, there are three holes. One in the middle for the needle, and two on each side of it at the bottom of the slide. What are these holes for? I can see daylight through them so no vacuum is being formed in there, it is being sucked out of the two open holes. Is there a spacer or something that blocks these holes? I might try filling them with silicone and seeing how it runs with it in there, because it is not running right right now. It acts lie there' no vacuum pulling the slide up, only at WOT.

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