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2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Losing Oil


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So I recently got a 2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 4x4 as a winter project but is needing less work then I thought, but I do have an issue and asking a tip. The issue is im loosing oil but my rear swing arm boot is ripped so im trying to confirm its that, and I have no lights for gearing but it seems to go in all gears besides park for. sure is not acting complete right, how can I tell if it has both high and low or if one is both. thanks in advance 

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  • Admin changed the title to 2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 Losing Oil

Unless im understanding you wrong a swing arm boot is not really an oil seal more of a dust dirt shield. As far as gear selector goes I would check my wiring connectors going to the information center and check fuses since none are working. You should be able to tell if your in low or high by feel, in low it is a lot more powerful like just creeping along . You say loosing oil is it leaking or just going away and is it differential oil or engine oil.

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The boot is to keep dirt away from the drive shaft as Gw says.. It doesn't have oil in it. There may be oil leaking from the engine right near it though, through an oil seal.

To find and confirm oil leaks you should give the bike a wash to get all the oil off, then go for a short ride and have a good look for the first signs of oil leaking. It could be where a shaft comes out, or where two cases fit together, or at the oil filter or oil drain bung which might just need a new washer on it.. Best to have a good look though before tearing things apart. If after the short ride, oil is splashed everywhere or run down so you can't tell where it's starting from, then clean it off again and go for a shorter ride, just a hundred yards.

For the lights you should probably check fuses, inspect the wiring as best you can looking for broken wires or badly chafed wiring, then get a manual and have a read how to test the switch that operates the lights. Someone that's familiar with yamaha will probably have some ideas for you.

If you let me know the exact model designation, yfm400***, either FR, FAR, FPR,  I can have a look at the wiring diagram.

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