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2005 Polaris Predator CDI box


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Have you tried looking the part up online yet, and comparing part numbers, or, some sites will tell you what else any part number you look up also fits, what other models it does.. I'd try that first.

You might need to try a few parts places and browse around clicking on things in their parts diagrams and price lists to find a site that does give that advice about options. Quite a few of them do it though.

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Ok. Well the part numbers aren't the absolute full story. Depending on the make the part numbers can be different for different years or models but the parts still fit. That is real common.

Looking online I see..

https://www.partzilla.com/product/polaris/3089613?ref=4f8a0516c6c0d49b80290ca402ca261857d174b7  and...


And both show other models the parts fit, and, they both fit a 2007 outlaw 525, which means the parts are the same even though they have different part numbers.


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I'd better put a little disclaimer in here..  haha..  Check it's your model bike, and, I have no idea whether Partzilla is a reliable source of information or whether they know what they are talking about. I'd have preferred to find a genuine polaris dealer but I found partzilla and figured they should know.

If you don't trust partzilla, try to find a dealer that supplies the cross reference feature. If the two different years and model parts can also fit some other model in common, they the parts are interchangeable.

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It's a possibility another cdi unit could effect the running, but I doubt it will be by much if those models are both utility work recreational models, not race, and they all have either belt drive, or multi speed gearboxes. They have to be similar models.

Also though, there are dozens of different models, partzilla only claimed a few, about six or seven models, as it being interchangable for.. I take that to mean it's not suitable for other models. I'm no polaris guy but I think that if model specs are correct, and then the pictures of the bike in that parts list show up like your bike, (and you could explore other pictures like the drive system or the bodywork if you want to confirm it's the right model), then the other year and model can be taken to be right too.

I've bought lots of parts like this and it's nearly always possible to cross reference things and check every thing agrees. You could find another outfit selling parts, and run the same two part checks and see if they tell you what other parts it fits..  Both sites should we hope agree.

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