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Renovating a 1996 Polaris Sportsman 500

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If you drain the tank and drain the carb with it's drain screw on the bottom, then fill the tank and switch the key on and off a few times with the carby drain screw still open, it will empty the pump too.

A think to watch for is condesated water in the tank. It might pay to take the tank's fuel tap out and rock the bike around to make sure you get everything out of it. Then a quarter cup of methylated spirits in the tank with the first fill will absorb any water, which will then get burnt up as it goes through the engine.

The transmission oil too, it might have condensation in it if it's sat outside. If it's been run, and the oil hasn't got a milky or cloudy look to it, it will be ok, but if it hasn't been run, the water might be in the bottom and get mixed into the oil once it gets used.  Oil is cheap.

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Since you don't know what fuel was being used, and if it sat for very long with ethanol fuel in it, I would pull the bowl and make sure the gas hasn't turned to jelly and rusted in the carb, I had a lot of trouble with that before I switched to non-ethanol fuel.  

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