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Susuki LT230 Kick Starter Gear Postion

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Not sure exactly on yours, the manual will be helpful, but on all the kickstarters I have worked on the pinion gear fits onto the crank generally the first 2 teeth go into that gear with the kicker all the way up, there is usually a half moon set of teeth on the pinion, it goes on the first couple of teeth and as you kick down you get to the end of the half moon and the kicker comes back up from the spring, i think that's what you are talking about. I may not have done a very good job of explaining it but you will see when you get the manual.

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Show us a photo and we will tell you..  Some the gear winds along a spiral and into mesh as you kick, others are as Gw says, and some the quadrant parks up out of mesh, and some have a ratchet pawl that gets held out of mesh when they park..

If you tell me the year I'll look at a parts picture and probably suss it. If you've got a model designation with it's suffixes it would be good..

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You're probably right..

Ok.. First thing is, do those gears have marks for aligning them to the shafts ? They might.

Anyway..   that gear 3 is going to turn anti-clockwise when the lever is kicked, and the big spring is going to return it clockwise till the stopper on part 10 hits it's stopper. With that shaft up against the stopper you need the gear 3 to be on shaft 1 so it's teeth are always going to be just engaged by a tooth or two, with gear 5. Gear 5 has to be on shaft 2 so when it's been returned by the big spring it's just engaged with gear 3's teeth by a tooth or two. The only other bit of trickyness is how much you should wind the big spring up by .. You need to put the spring into the shaft and then wind it up before putting part 10 on the shaft.. That might take a bit of trial and error.. It needs to be strong enough to lift the kick lever and hold it firmly up. but not run out of winds with another 3/4 turn..

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