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2006 700 carb just died(electrical)


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Hope everyone is having a great weekend,

While riding my quad just quit, I mean dead. No life on the dash, no crank and obesity no start. 

Had a quick look under the plastic, batt reading 12.7v power at the key switch.

Changed the power pack, still no luck.

Anyone else have similar problems?

I don't see a fuse box/panel, is there fusible links in the system? If so where di I start looking?



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  • Admin changed the title to 2006 700 carb just died(electrical)

So what model ? Sportsman etc.. I'll see if I can find  manual.

Not just the kill switch got bumped off..  I think some of those have a connection board in the headlight..  So I've read.. 

And two years earlier model the power went into the key on a red wire and came out on a red/black wire..  Is that working ?

Then one R/b wire goes to a circuit breaker and then to the kill switch on the handlebar.  I don't know yours will be the same though. That's for a late 2004, with fuel gauge(which they mention as an identifier)..). Does your's have a fuel gauge ?

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After going into the kill switch it branches to the lights and the key again for start.. so if neither lights nor start work, it seems likely to be before(the circuit breaker) or in the kill switch.. assuming the power is coming out of the key switch on the R/b wire. The wire goes in the the key, and out again, on spliced wires.. Might be worth checking the splices are not dirty.

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Mech, thanks for the input/questions.

My bad, its a 2006 Sportsman 700 carb.

I have looked at the kill switch and all seems good, the lights light up but nothing on the display and no crank.

It dose have a fuel display if that is an identifier. A wire diagram would be best for me, from there I can trace power back, unless I am missing something common and obvious.

I have power to the key and power out when switched, odd thing is it drops voltage at the key to 2.5v after 10-15 seconds.


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Mech, thanks for the pdf. I saw a manual in the downloads but need to wait for a couple more post before I can download.

With that being said I did manage to find the problem, carboned/dirty ignition switch of all things.

Pulled it apart, cleaned up all the contact pads and contacts, applied some dielectric grease, reassemble. Works like a charm. 

Thanks for all your input, 

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I had a spare SSCB, first thing I though of and replaced.

Picked it up at my local dealer as NOS they wanted to dump off the shelf. I grabbed it hoping it would correct a false engine over heating warning, no luck with that. 

They had a recall on these when they first hit the market. Oh well back on the shelf it goes. 



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On 9/17/2023 at 6:56 PM, crissaitch said:

I have a 2003 700, similar problem. Mine was intermittent. Changed the ignition switch ($9 on ebay) and the problem went away. 

I fixed mine the same way, bad ignition switch.


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