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700XX test video

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Yeah, I'm at the point where I decided I don't need the fastest. My ability makes up for the speed on the TRX. Don't get me wrong, my 450 is plenty fast, but I will get beat in a drag vs. most 450s. I have stock motor.

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So, I just bought a 2008 trx 700XX in perfect shape off of marketplace locally. It had a couple upgrades I guess when got it. A power commander (FMF) and full FMF titanium exhaust. I was so pumped to get it home and try her out because a: it was kept up very meticulously and b: after reading honda's spec sheet advertising the stock top speed of 83mph. Needless to say, It won't go anywhere near 80 mph. Although it'll pick the front end up in just about every gear. Has anyone done any modding to this atv and if so, what is the best mods for the bike? Don't let me give the wrong impression though. This is one bad ass bike! I freakin love it !



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Nice looking bike.  Time for some new tires it looks! That Honda bike has always been one of my favorites. All though I love my 4x4’s that bike is my bike of choice for a sport bike. I’ve never heard of the trx 700xx model though. Trx yes but the xx?    I don’t  see it getting to 80 mph but I bet it gets close.  Good luck with it and ride safe.  

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