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swing arm noise


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Hmmmm,,,,,,Is everything tight?????

Not sure how the Carrier is in there......Is there Two Bolts on the Back side of the Swinger to Loosen to get the carrier out????....Is the Axle tight???? Is the Axle Bent???? Were there noises before or did the noises just suddenly happen??? When did you last lube your Bearings???

Seems to me that when the Bearings go bad it wont be just a Sudden "Noise" but rather a Gradual one....Do you see any Rubbing (metal to Metal)anywhere???? Any Cracks in the Swinger itself???

Post up some pictures.....

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the noise started after i land a double at the track and the noise has been getting louder the axle isnt bent theres 4 allen head bolts you have to loose to tighten the chain up i tightened the chain up thinking that was the problem b/c it was loose but that wasnt it, i still think its the bearings, i have never greased them b/c theres no fittin to grease them with. theres no rubbing or cracksyou can hear it it coming from inside the housing

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OK if you can't turn the axle by hand then you have found it. Get it fixed QUICK before you ruin a clutch or worse!!!

Sounds like at least one bearing committed suicide, so you wanna get that apart right away! You don't want busted parts floating around in there- if it locks up, it could pitch you into or OVER the bars = NOT GOOD. Hopefully your chain is OK but you may need a new one as well [stretched] if you don't replace it it will ruin your sprockets, then you gotta buy the whole shebang all over again. Get the Manual! you'll need it. sorry about your luck! If you don't have a grease zerk on the swingarm [they are typically underneath on those] I have seen instructions on how/where to install one- a GOOD idea . I'll try and find that post for you.

Tear that puppy apart before it gets any worse. OK? let us know!!! inquiring minds want to know!

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