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  1. viper5

  2. I ride in the Hazleton PA area (40 miles north of Tower City) Kinda cold here (13) today but I get out every weekend in the spring thru fall and will get out in the winter if it's not too cold
  3. November Photo Contest!

    It's just up or down. I think it's the best $900 I ever spent, I can load in 2 mins. I still have a trailer but when its just my quad going you can't beat it:biggrin:
  4. November Photo Contest!

    It was $900.00
  5. swing arm noise

  6. November Photo Contest!

    '99 Ford F250 Superduty Diesel hauling my '09 Raptor 700 SE I replaced the tail gate with a ramp gate so it takes about 2 mins. to load
  7. Exercise your Rights

    I agree, Most of the time the police B.S. you into addmiting something by making it seem like they already know and have proof your guilty of something. Don't make their job easy by talking to them as they will turn everything you say around to make you look guilty even if you have done nothing wrong
  8. Some info about a TRX 400EX

    The 400ex is a great quad, they run forever and are almost trouble free. I don't think you would be sorry
  9. Replacement brake pads Honda 400ex

    Nothing wrong with saving some $$ on ebay
  10. Replacement brake pads Honda 400ex

    I have used EBC pads in the past and they worked fine for me
  11. New Yamaha YFZ 450 problems.....

    The head pipe glowing near the head is a normal thing like raptor8 said
  12. Don't like any of them and for the first time I'M NOT GOING TO VOTE
  13. Replacement brake pads Honda 400ex

    If you don't go factory streamline brakes are good, I use them on my raptor Streamline Brakes - Home Page
  14. swing arm noise

    Sounds like the bearings, Jack the back off the ground and grab the wheels and try to rock them front to back to check for play. And spin them and see if you can hear or feel any raspyness coming from the carrier
  15. I'M partial to Raptor's but since that wasn't one of your choices I'd go with the KTM myself