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  1. does anybody ride up near tower city or rausch creek? or live in pa and wanna ride? where do you ride? i have a raptor 660 and my friend and my friend has a 350 lookin to get a couple people to go riding up in pa tower city interested?
  2. i would have to say my raptor 660 even though they are alittle heavy everytime i but something on you can tell the difference i had the blaster that was a quick 2 stroke and had the raptor350 also a nice quad but the 660 for offroad def takes the cake
  3. yea over by tower city i forgot the rentals place name i think its in the track place right next to tower city somethin like rosh creek hey do you know anybody that rides in ny i just started a group and im lookin for riders contact back at [email protected]

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