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help: Shineray xy250stix fuel lines

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someone has pulled my fuel line off the fuel tank of my Shineray xy250stix quad bike...the line is still connected to the motor...where do I re-attatch it to the tank?

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its running out a pipe at the bottom of the quad..maybe there is a valve on the gas tank? im not sure how to stop this...I think the previous owner of this quad drained the fuel tank of this quad but now I want to stop the draining

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never heard of your quad, I thot this was a joke. there is always a fuel valve easily reached with the left hand while sitting on it. the drainage out of the bottom is likely to be overflow from the carb. send us a pic of this Shineray!

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So it is pooring out the bottom of the tank, right? That little nozzle coming out of the tank is the petcock valve. There should be a little lever or something you can turn to a horizontal position. Vertical position is open valve and allows gas to run freely. Horizontal will close it. The hose goes back on the little nipple coming out of the tank.

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