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....balmy weather.....

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todays HIGH in Bend OR was +3.7f, that's -15.7c. didn't even make the news, cuz of NO power outages, NO traffic accidents, we are prepared for it. What is it with the northeast USA? Those ice storms happen every year and they are never proactive about it. That must be a total pain!

I have my own generator for power outages, 4KW [i doubt it'll start, will have to drain race gas from a

quad] but woodstoves in every building and plenty of firewood! All the high voltage lines are redundant so an outage usually lasts less than a second.

I went to town today and tried to get into my snowsuit; I got it on but I had to pee every ten minutes!hahaha the bibs MUST have shrunk in the dryer last time....yeah that's it! they shrunk!

All the crazy minivan moms were out completely unequipped and unprepared for subzero temps, SLICK roads, and slowed traffic. I thot this one 'humanoid' was trying to crawl right into the bed of my truck! She was so close I could only see the luggage rack....that is SO dense.....her minivan might scratch the paint on my chev K2500. It's up a couple inches and winter ready.

I WONDER WHERE ALL THOSE TOYOTA PRIUS' ARE NOW? I ASSUME THEY ARE ALL BACK IN SUNNY CALIFORNIA CUZ I DID NOT SEE A SINGLE ONE! hahahahaaha yeah a great winter car just like Honda's little 'smurf shoe' man they'll bury ya in that one! spozed to be colder tomorrow.....Look at the bright side...I have fridge space now cuz I can leave the beer on the porch as long as I bring it in before i lock up......

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