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MEN!!!!! What would you do!!!!

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You start buying them that stuff and they will expect something better the next yr!!!:aargh:

Little Story,,,,,,

My EX Wife and I were fighting one yr. at Xmas time ....So just to be an As* I went out and bought her Two Burlap Sack Halves at a Friends Shop.....I wrapped them up and gave them to her for Xmas....She ask what the Hell she was gonna do with those??? I said....Get off your ARSE and Sew them together and you will have a Sack to put all your CHIT in!!!!!!!!! Well,,,,,Im divorced from her now....LMAO!!!!

I am Blessed now though.....My wife and I havent had but a handful or small Arguments in the last 8 yrs....We just Flip each other off in the Hall way now.....:laugh::confused::laugh:

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