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  1. http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv223/mikaveli/0426091907.jpg[/img]"]
  2. This is going to be a nice addition to the site
  3. I want my YFZ 450 to run that good
  4. I have Two Brother exhaust (slip on) and have K&N filter top off it seem i got good power and speed it dies alot when i try to take hills and when it gets hot it likes to stall when i take off thought maybe a Boyesen QuickShot 2 would take care of it dont have money for it now a friend gave me the sproket thought it would help
  5. i need some more low end someone told me to change my sprocket i have 14T they said i could go to a 13T wouldnt have to take any links out is that true? would that give me more low end or is there anything that would give me more
  6. Welcome to the site theres bunch of good guys and girls to help you out here
  7. Yamaha i think would be good choice i own 2 love them both
  8. mikaveli

    Mud Fun

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