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  1. figures although glad you found the fix man nobody wants to be without their ride!
  2. Ok so i need to pick up some more heat tape and re wrap my exhaust and was wandering what you guys prefer to use for your chain oil thanks !
  3. LOL yep she sure did esp after today.......but she's all clean now
  4. Finally got a couple pics of my 2001 TRX 300
  5. i def. know where your coming from lol spent an hour one day screwing w/ my wifes 4 wheeler before i noticed that she had turned the gas to reserve oops! ya so it wont start cuz you ran the reserve tank out ......so ya uhmmmmmm im going to go smash my face against the nearest tree for a bit lol. we all do it.
  6. lol me too! i ride every chance i get ...... finally ran thru the rest of the lower octane and had a full tank of 93 in it today ran much cooler and "popped" and "cackled" alot less so thanks dirtdemon for helping put my mind at ease lol i also pulled my plug and it was light brown not black or white and chalky so according to everything i watched and read last night means im running where i want to be ...... i will have a new plug to do a true plug chop soon but figured id pull the one that was in there to check it ........
  7. lol hope so cuz im probably going to be full of em for a while lol
  8. thanks for the info and the D&G pipe is a pretty open pipe that makes me feel a bit better looked up the plug chop and will check it next time i go out thanks again !
  9. Ok remember im new to sport quads and honda plus im not a mechanic by any stretch ok so here goes.... my bike runs great, idles fine everything works perfect although no matter what speed after i let off the gas i can be screaming down a trail in 4th or putting in 2nd the bike will "crack" or "pop" the bike has a little work done but not much the previous owner took it to a shop to have it jetted and he also added a D&G exhaust it seems to run fine and after i went back to 93 today ran alot cooler..... Should i be worried or am i just having jitters over nothing ? after this one i swear ill quit w/ the questions lol promise !
  10. thanks im glad i found the forum been reading and already learned alot.
  11. s3r4phic

    Fuel ?

    cool, i figured as much but figured ppl on here would know for sure
  12. s3r4phic

    Fuel ?

    thanks for the input...........i put 87 in it cuz i just filled up all 4 of my gas cans .........but noticed it did seem to run hotter. thanks again !
  13. s3r4phic

    Fuel ?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how high of an octane to run in a honda 300 trx ? previous owner said he ran 93 in it, its been jetted and has a racing exhaust but no further work done was wandering if 93 was ok or should i drop it down ? Any thoughts / input appreciated !
  14. well im new to honda and im new to the forum if i missed the newbie section sry lol just picked up a 01 300 TRX its been jetted and has a D&G exhaust pics soon hopfully what can i say once i fired this thing up and rode it once i can tell you i aint going back to kawi!

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