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I came across these this morning.....Pismo back in 05 and Trike Fest in 07....Kinda Stuck them together....The Music in the first part of the Video....Is the Dudes that Im following....It was his old Band....I wasnt a Fan then and I am not a Fan now so dont shoot me...It wouldnt let me take the music out without deleting the Action...:aargh:

Anyway,,,,,I want to see some of everyones....:yes:


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    • By Ironworker709
      I recently got a great deal on a 2001 Big Bear 400 4x4.it sat in a barn for 2 years while the guy was in college,so it need carb work...got it to use around the property,not racing or anything crazy with it
      It runs GREAT and strong..no smoke or funny noises,just seems to have an issue at times ,when you hit the throttle it want's to die ,most of the time it runs strong.
      So am debating a rebuild kit or new oem carb...i got to looking around really good yesterday and found this broke off..( the bent tube where the pencil is pointing).... is this a part that comes with a new carb?..if not,,where can i get the part?
      I found a diagram online but it does not show the bent tube with a nut on it but says it a "Starter set" in the diagram(Number 21 in the diagram)
      I checked the petcock and it is getting plenty of fuel flow..but it has the common drip leak..so i am ordering a new one,..was going to get the seal kit but for the price it is about the same price as a whole new petcock
      Just trying to figure out where i can get this part for repair

    • By GreenThumb914
      Hi HiSun Forum Group.
      I am a new member looking for some guidance on how to properly adjust the carburetor.  My general (and maybe flawed) understanding is that there is supposed to be both a Fuel side and an Air side adjustment screw on most Quad & Side by Side carbs. My HiSun 700 seems to have finger-spin idle adjusting screw  (easily accessible on the driver's side of the carb) and a Carburetor Pilot Screw (not easily accessible, directly underneath the carb but above the engine head).  My instinct tells me that the Pilot screw is for adjusting the Fuel as it is on the Fuel side of the Carb.  I don't see any adjusting screws on the Air side of the carb.  I've adjusted the pilot screw several times but never successfully eliminating the back-fire upon deceleration issue.  Any intel on my apparently missing Air adjusting screw and or back-fire issue is greatly appreciated.
      Additional notes: My spark plug and fuel filter is new and I only use non-ethanol fuel. Manufacturer of the motor is Chongqing Huansong Industries Group Co., Ltd. Engine Family: 8TMTX.700A10
    • By kraft
      I have fan issues , fan will not come on when powered up from factory plug. The fan will run when powered directly from battery or when + side of feed plug is used and fan is grounded to frame separately. Replaced fan temp sensor with Caltric one. Also when powered from battery into the temp sensor plug the fan will start when warmed up, but will not shut of till power is off from battery feed. Then fan stays off till temp reaches 90 and will start again. New battery also. Any thoughts out there? Checked voltage across factory feed plug, lower voltage than from + feed on plug to chassis ground. Diode issues?
    • By VikingTrad3r
      anyone have experience with this?
      ive got a few 250 timberwolves, 2 moto4 250’s, one moto4 350. 
      planning on picking up a late 80’s or early 90’s big bear. ive found they are cheap, and bombproof. 
      but im looking for rear shocks for my 86 yfm250 moto4 and want to keep my input cost as low as possible. there is zero damping effect left from the originals and when i searched “yfm250 yamaha rear shock” i found a few generic “universal” shocks and wanted to ask here if others have had success. 
      cheers. vt
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    • By coolcooch
      I was hoping someone has a idea on how to get the float unstuck short of taking the carb off. Its happened before, all I did was tap on the carb and it stopped free flowing, not so lucky this time. Tried everything I could think of no luck. If and when I get it unstuck I'm going to Rec gas, part of the problem it sits 95% of the time. Any help with this would be much apricated..... THANKS
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