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2000 400EX blowing oil out exhaust


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hi i just bought a 2000 honda 400 ex,i bought it off a guy in my area and when i test drove it it ran good.well after i bought it i brought it home and it only sat for 5 days and today i went to start it wouldnt start but the temp is like 9 f outside. and anyway i kept tryin for bout 20 mins and i looked down and seen the exhaust is pissin out oil at the motor and exhaust connect,and by the end of exhaust....what is going on what could this be???please help me i never owned a quad before and just paid 2000 for this thing someone help me out thanks keith





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keith, i'm sure Stoopidbot can give you some answers....hopefully he sees this...

but as for it not starting, especially in the cold, that's just a typical honda. I have a 2000 400ex that I race and she's the same way...we warm the quads up before we try to start them...like this morning it's 14 degrees out here and we have a race in a few hours...we put the quads in the enclosed trailer, started our mini salamander...left 'em in there for about 10 mins, brought them out and they fired right up pretty much.

I'm sure your oil problem might have something to do with it also though....

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hi i just bought a 2000 honda 400 ex,i bought it off a guy in my area and when i test drove it it ran good.well after i bought it i brought it home and it only sat for 5 days and today i went to start it wouldnt start but the temp is like 9 f outside. and anyway i kept tryin for bout 20 mins and i looked down and seen the exhaust is pissin out oil at the motor and exhaust connect,and by the end of exhaust....what is going on what could this be???please help me i never owned a quad before and just paid 2000 for this thing someone help me out thanks keith

I'll star by saying welcome to our site and the sport.

Like Wheeler said, Hondas are a biotch to start in the cold. What kind of pipe is on the quad? Is it stock?

Let's start there and I will do some thinking while I wait for your reply.

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Is there oil in your air box?(where the air filter is) Possibly a valve adjustment, if the valve is not seating correct it could blow oil out.

Can you take the end cap off of the exhaust pipe?(the very end furthest away from the motor.) Try to take that off and see if the packing is saturated with oil. It may need to be replaced. A valve adjustment and new packing DEFINITELY would not hurt.

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well my brother came over tryed to start it again and it was still kickin oil out of all parts of exhust so we took the spark plug out it was gross we cleaned it and put it back in and she started right up and the first few mins it was blueish/whiteish smoke but after the first few mins it was clear and no oil....few guys told me it was proubly cuz the piston seals were so cold they shrunk and let oil through???????does this sound right or sound like it will be ok???????

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I think someone put to much oil in. If it is running now i would take it to get jetted properly. If it stopped blowing the oil out and it is running...don't fix what's not broke. The more often you start your ride the easier it will start.

Have you changed your fluids since you gained possession?

Congrats on the easy fix.

I'm moving your thread to the "Honda Technical" section.

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I'm with Bot I think you should definitely change the oil in it just to make sure. I would also check the packing on the exhaust. Since the quad is new to you though I would definitely change the oil and filter, it doesn't cost much and you'll know that it is new oil and get setup on a schedule that you can use to change it.

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Like they said, try changing the oil in the machine. But the main thing you need to do if you feel you are loosing oil is, a compression test.

"Testing the compression of an engine allows you to check the condition of the top end without a costly tear-down. For this reason, a compression test should be performed as one of the first steps in any tune-up. There is little point in adjusting your jetting when you have a bent valve or worn rings."


You will need a compression gauge with a 12 mm adaptor to test your engines compression.

1.Remove the sparkplug.

2.Install the sparkplug adaptor paying particular attention not to cross-thread it.

3.Attach the compression gauge to the 12 mm adaptor.

4.Turn the ignition switch to the ON position, hold the throttle wide open and crank the electric starter until the needle on the compression gauge stops rising. Compare your reading with specification.

(Specification for compression is 686 - 883 kPa or 100 - 128 psi)

A low reading is a possible indication of tight valves, damaged piston and piston rings, poor valve seating, leaking cylinder head gasket or a worn-out cylinder. Check that your compression tester connections are not leaking and are properly tightened. Pour a few drops of fresh engine oil into the sparkplug hole and recheck the compression. If the compression increases that is a good indication that the cylinder and/or the piston rings are worn. If the compression remains the same you will want to inspect your valve clearances. See the Valve Adjustment topic for more information.

If your compression test reveals a high reading it is not necessarily cause for alarm. Is the engine stock? If you are running a high-compression piston or the head has been milled you will get higher readings than specification. If the engine is stock, a high compression reading could indicate excessive carbon build-up on the piston crown and/or combustion chamber.

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