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  1. Daaaaaayyyyuuuumn Joe, lookin good! Welcome home by the way!
  2. El Raptor and Mellowyellow taking a break in the high country
  3. This is the 2nd one I've sent. I can't beleive the authors of this bill didn't have enough foresight... Ooops, gotta go. My kids eating his dirtbike again!
  4. So my new issue of Dirtwheels arrives yesterday, and as I'm flipping throught the pages, I notice some of the pictures look familiar. Sure enough its an article on the Sand Wizards Racing club. Congrats MWKE, you're semi famous!:bow::bow2::bf_rasta:
  5. Oh I tell him just about every day. He says he can't cause all the girls like it.
  6. Went to my first Supercross last weekend. I think I'll be going again next year! If you look closely, you can see a Rhino in the first pic.
  7. Shoulda got Razrs! JK. Have you tried slime?
  8. Packing is the fiberglass or similar material inside the muffler. The stock muffler doesn't use packing. Just a metal baffle.
  9. My son wants one of those BAD! Problem is, he'd outgrow it within a year.
  10. Sounds like valve seals to me. When you change the oil, see if you can measure what comes out. May have been over-filled.

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