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my girls want to ride

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In 2005 I purchased 2 Polaris Phoenix quads for my girls. The rarely rode until recently when they were bitten by the riding bug. In 2006 a bulletin was put out by Polaris indicating the regulator rectifiers on this vehicle were defective. While my girls didn't ride enough to have the part break during the warranty period, I was never contacted by the dealer (Chaparral Motorsports) or Polaris. As a result, the rectifiers ran high voltage thru the stator and starter motor which are now broken. Chaparral told me this was a manufacturer issue and Polaris told me to go pack sand because there is no warranty left. My girls want to ride. There must be a workable solution rather than paying in excessive of $1200 to fix problems from a defective part. Can anyone give help, advice or suggestions to resolve this problem?

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Thanks for responding, but they told me to go pack sand cause it wasn't their issue. They weren't very customer oriented.

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Did you look online for aftermarket solutions? Ot contact a specialist to see if they have run into it. Check out this website:

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Maybe ask them if they have had customers with similar issues and if they have a solution.

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      Looking for some recommendations on an ATV for my Daughters-in-law to ride when they visit with my sons. We ride mostly woods trails. It needs to be fairly easy to ride, automatic is't necessary but shifting should be forgiving and it needs to be under $2000. I have a Banshee and a Polaris Sportsman 500HO now.
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