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87 warrior wont rev up

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i have an 87 warrior and it seems to run fine until i rev it up. when i ride and give it full throttle it seems as though it's hitting it's rev limiter, but it's only about half of whats normal. i cleaned the carb thinking that was the problem but nothing changed. could it be lack of back pressure? exuast could be pouched. or spark plug??? i don't know any suggestions?

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hopefully not a cdi i just put one in a year ago and had a hell of a time finding it. yamaha discontinued them for the 87. i'll check it out guys thanks alot.

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Check all the simple things First....Spark Plug...Compression..AIR FILTER...CDI Maybe....

Is there a Fuel Pump on that????

No, but I do believe they have an accelerator pump, there should be a black plastic cover on the side of the carb, if you take that off, you can see a little off white, plastic mechanism that pushes down on a metal plunger shaft which has a rubber boot at the bottom of it. Make sure every thing looks to be moving ok and check to make sure the metal plunger isn't sticking. I would still check the simple stuff first like MWKE mentioned, then move to the carb.

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Yeah I know, I had blaster on the brain. :laugh:

I know how that goes, if I only had a nickel for every time I had a brainfart.

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