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Left Front Wheel Wobble...?

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Ya DD.

Since I didn't have any replies after 30 or more views I made my own solution. :wink:

I tried to delete my question so it wouldn't clutter up the board. The edit was the best I could do.

I would've just left the question posted if my solution might of helped someone else out.

But... I just bought all the possible parts that could've been bad and that wouldn't of helped anyone out in the future if they where trying to pinpoint the same problem.

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Good to hear you got it fixed, sorry I didn't catch that sooner, I would have had plenty of suggestions. I hope I can be of some help in the future.

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      Ok so I have taken the front hubs apart everything is good and working fluids changed and full In 2 wheel drive the bike works great However in 4 wheel drive high I get a grinding clunking noise right near the foot pegs The universals are all brand new in the complete bike The problem just started after my last ride Sometimes I have to change the rpm to get the bike to go into gear in forward and reverse The bike doesn't make the grinding noise when I have the bike in 4 wheel driver low gear only in high gear Could the shifter need adjusting any help would be great Thanks for your time
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