any nj, pa, ny riders out there?

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i'm lookin for some new interesting places to ride. i've got a good spot too that i can bring a few people to. well, hit me up, lets ride!!

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    • Guest yokochrist
      By Guest yokochrist
    • By marioweldinginc
      Just to let everyone know, I hate driving 4 hours to unload and ride. Then have to sit in 6 hours worth of traffic on the ride home because LI has a fist up its azz and wont let people ride here. Gardiner park in Bay Shore has great trails for atvs let us ride!!
      Just really tired tonight and venting
      Oh and im not "donating" 500 bux towards "safety classes"
      Sent from my SGH-T959V using Tapatalk
    • By WillyPoP
      hey Colorado riders,
      bunch of folks heading up to either Rainbow Falls or 717 this sunday
      (20 March). everyone is welcome. pm for details if interested
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      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by Ajmboy.
      Description of Video: From deep powder to hard ice, day and night, Great soundtrack! A hightlight film of ATV snow riding. Bombs, Polaris, Suzuki, Artic Cats, Yamahas, and Kawasaki. Jumps, bumps, spins, and spills.
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    • By darkstar
      Anyone want to hook up?
      Im new but im riding.
      Prentice coopoer is awesome, but i know coopinger cove and the sequatchie valley well.
      Ive been into alot of areas four wheel drive trucks and done a lot of rock climbing.
      Maybe this post needs to be moved , but i didnt see a better place yet .
      Anybody want to hook up and ride?