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interesting idea......or a bad one?

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I just saw a video on TikTok where some guy took the rear end off an ATV and bolted on a roto tiller in place of rear wheels. I wish i saved that video to post here....good thing it was 4 wheel drive...lol but, it seemed to work.

I'm not sure how he made it bolt on to the drive....

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Probably better to just buy a mid-size tiller and keep the quad to ride around I think.

Machinery is designed for a purpose, and designed to the finest detail to ensure they have every thing they need and nothing in excess. A quad bike engine isn't designed for that sort of work and won't have the power needed, nor the cooling capacity..

An industrial engine is designed to run slowly and economically producing power at low revs, and they can keep producing that power for hours at a time without overheating.


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I wouldnt think a rotary tiller engine would have enough power to till and drive the ATV wheels very effectively. To drive it , it would just be a matter of fabricating a drive shaft from the tiller PTO to the ATV wheels and a lot of fabrication for mounting wheels to the frame. I would rather use my time to build something fun, once you get the tiller built, then there is work involved. 

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Ha..  good point Gw..  Quads are for fun, not work..

They were using the quad engine though in this case which isn't designed for that type of work, and doesn't have a governor.. 

It would be horrible to operate !

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The tiller tines need t rotate at a much faster pace than the  wheels so there would have to be considerable modifications`v and expense to  try  that idea..  My tiller tines  rotate at approximately 13 times as fast as the wheels of the tiller.   It would be an interesting concept if one of the ATV makers would add a PTO to their machine and offer PTO driven  accessories lie a tiller  for it . Mate    a PTO to a hydraulic pump to drive the accessories..  Who  wouldn't like an  ATV yo  can  have fun with on the trails   and use the same machine for  snow blowing (  or  blade pushing as the have now)  but also  for rotortilling  and other garden  chore .. A truly 4 season  toy /tool.


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Posted (edited)

Hi Dave.

Yamaha did make one model in the early days that did have a power takeoff shaft at the rear, but it ran at unusual revs and had to have special yamaha implements.. as I understand it.  There's one thread about one here and specs on the net

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