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Trikes back racing In the south east!!

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here are a few shots of our Trike crew that race in the southern flat track league in ga and fl, who said you cant compete on a 20 year old machine!!!




im number 13!!

check it out!!!






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naw man! we got our own class!!, we have a few more tirkes coming out to race as well, im currently building a 85 kawa tecate flat tracker for my buddie, but its a slow porcess with it, as parts are harder to get then our R's, but well have more racers!!

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well. actually, we dont race the quads, we have our own class, and if we race with the quads, we're at a handicap since we dont stick throught hte turns like they do, we have to slide to some degree, so were not really competitive against them, but all the quad racers all agree that we have very large testies to be doing flat track on a trike, and im like yea there a bit on the overgrown size:D

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqLSpqS7vb4]YouTube - Eastbay Raceway three-wheeler flat track racing 5-06-07 Main[/ame]

this is a vid shot by YAMAHONDA MAN at our #4 race in Eastbay Raceway in Tampa, Fl I got red flaged for jumping the start (people in the stands were yellin I got the hole shot, oh well) fun race wide open!

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You can actually add this video to our community or any other video on YouTUBE.com by going to the video section and upload options:

This link is available to logged in members only. Please login or register to view this link.

There is a 3-wheele section :yes:

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