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    • By Randel1
      I am trying to put a 1994 Suzuki 250 quadrunner back into service. I have it up and running like new but need to replace the plastics as they are brittle and crumbling due to age and sun exposure. I would like to purchase new parts either OEM or aftermarket but have had little luck in finding them. I would even consider used or salvaged parts in serviceable condition. Any help in locating these parts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    • By Steve Howard
      Ran find shut down the quad next day would start and idle when you try to accelerate it would start popping through the carb got a rebuild kit soaked it in chem clean after break down for 12 hours on slow vibrate reassembled and adjusted per manual still the same thing any help would be really appreciated thanks and happy ridding  
    • By Jeremy Morris
      If you're getting that pesky leaky seal on the pinion of your front differential and the pinion has allot of play, polaris won't sell the bushing needed to repair it properly without having to shell out big bucks for the complete ring and pinion kit. 
      I have a kit with an upgraded bushing, Japanese made bearing and USmade seal
      50 shipped in the US and 55 to Canada

    • By bradleyheathhays
      Damn, it took 30 years of driving to cause my first accident, and on Friday the damn 13th. Did a low speed rear end into the back of a lifted truck and got into it's trailer receiver. The only place it made contact with was at the very front center of the hood close to where it latches. Unfortunately the impact was enough that there's a longitudinal hump in the middle of the hood now, bowed 6 inches on each side above the quarter panels, which weren't involved at all thank God. Both my headlights are cracked at the top, but not because they got hit; I think it was because the hood and it's latch was pushed back during the collision possibly deforming the support structure, causing the to separate. The hood is lifted up about 3 inches above each headlight and when looking in at the support material just behind each headlight, one side shows cracks and the other cracks and about a 1/2 gap in the material. Can't tell but it may resemble fiberglass, not really sure? My best guess is that the whole front bumper is gonna have to come off and that entire front support piece be replaced. Any advice on how hard this can be? I do a lot of my own work but I really don't want to be getting into this especially with the weather getting so bad now.

      When I go junkyard shopping for parts, what year Tauruses are compatible with my '02?
    • By wendi loden
      I replaced the fuel pump filter and it ran great for a week or so. Then while driving across the yard in 3rd gear it shut off and hasn't started since. It has fire and its getting fuel, all fuses are good, battery fully charged. The fuel pump relay seems to be warmer than it should be when spinning it over. Any help is appreciated!
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    • By kurt25
      amazing! the posts here are informative. useful tips ) keep me posted and keep it up!
    • By dbtoutfit
      Hey everyone, first post here.
      Have you guys seen these Fender sets on eBay?
      Their Real Tree Hydro Dipped OEM fender sets for $199.99
      eBay Item number 250622898088
      At first I was thinking theres got to be a catch cause these from Cheapcycleparts.com was over $600.00!
      But I crossed my fingers and ordered some.
      Before I found these I had tried painting my fenders didn’t work for me. Then I took them to be painted by a specialist and they did hold up much better but over time the paint still didn’t last.
      I read up on the fenders and learned that the plastic composites the Stock fenders use is not good for any sort of coating. Before I got the ones off eBay I was thinking they two might lose the covering but I learned these are not the same plastics composites as the original fenders are. So I jumped for them, when I got them on the first thing I did was bend the crap out of them before I even put them on, nothing no cracking nothing!
      Since, I’ve rubbed against trees etc riding not a issue yet.
      I love-em!
      Just wanted to see if anyone else had grabbed a set of these and what they thought.
    • By Desert-Hawk
      In the last five years I've had the pleasure to ride what
      I believe is one of the finest ATV's My '05 'Desert Edition'
      Honda Rubicon. From the desert flats in 100° heat to elevations
      of 10,000ft, in temps of 19° Through boulder infested dried up
      river beds and wash's and a occasional run in fender deep snow
      not once did I have to walk or be towed back to camp !
      This has allowed me to rack up 9,200 issue free miles and the
      opportunity to ride and meet with some fantastic people across
      the state of Arizona and points beyond...it's been a most excellent
      adventure to say the least.
      At this point in my life I have come to the reality that I'm not as
      young as I once was and the need for an IRS suspension was becoming
      more attractive after a long day of exploring in the desert southwest.
      So I'd like to present My 2009 "Desert Hawk" Edition Rincon

      My goal for this unit was to have all of the thing's that made the Ruby
      the ultimate (for me) ATV with just a bit more snort and a cushy ride.
      With this idea and information I've read on all of the site's I visit
      I do believe my goal has been accomplished !
      Nothing like this can be achieved with out some help so I'd like to
      give a shout out to the Staff of Coyote Honda in Avondale, AZ.
      ARIZONA'S LEVEL 5 Honda Powerhouse Dealer.

      Left to Right Parts Manager Matt Service Manager John, And Master Technician
      Dave who kept the Ruby in top running condition since 2005.
      This will be the last time I'll ever see this on the Rincon !

    • By mymint87
      yes, Honda was on the verge of producting a 1987 500R ATC before the cessation on 3 wheeler preduction became apparent
      Honda had produced a prototype.........with Marty Hart as the test rider, he was our link to this secret weapon Honda had on the table and the info he disclosed was interesting, and makes perfect sense, but the Trikers of today refuse to let it absorb into their thick craniums
      here is the MAJOR PROBLEM
      many Trikers go to great lengths to cram a 500cc engine in a 85/86 250R and the run around the planet claiming that it is exactly like the 500R that honda would've produced....
      they are sorry misguided foos
      Marty Hart declared that the Honda 500R ATC for 1987 was nothing like the 250R, everything was different, the gas tank was farther up, bigger frame, etc etc
      the loser peeps who keep claiming that their 500 is the same as Honda's 1987 500R ATC is akin to a flunkie who crams a XL350 motor in a 1984 200x chassis and calls it exactly like a 1985 350X
      follow me?
      spred the word,
      The Minister of Mint
    • By quadcrazy
      This video was submitted to the QUADCRAZY Video section by Ajmboy.
      Description of Video: these are the right way to do atv wheelies
      Video Tags: atv wheelies
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