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03 eiger rear wheel bearings (left rear)

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:confused:I tore up my left wheel bearings on straight axel eiger.Question = does anyone know which way they have to go in? can the axel shaft go in from the outsideof the swingarm tube or does the tube have to come off and put axel back from the inside and bolt the tube back together?

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I would start by taking the wheel and hub off, you may be able to remove a circlip and pull the axle and bearings out from the outside. If that does not seem to be possible, then you might have to remove the entire axle housing from the rear diff and take it out from the inside. I would highly recommend buying a service manual or atleast consulting a dealer tech who can tell you for sure, how it needs to be done.

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thanks, the wheel and axel came out when the bearing finally went,I ordered kits for both sides and when i did I asked the mechanic about it and he couldnt be sure (he is a new guy and not familiar with the eiger)it looks like you said but not sure i might have to take tube off to drive out the outer races.today i am taking axel to work to get hub off luckily im a machinist so I have acess to every thing I might need.the kit should be here tues so I just want to get a head start on it. Thanks I think your right about the circlip and how it goes in I will keep you posted.

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update:axel tube has a snapring/circlip got it out holes were on the topside of tube outer races are in tube tight removed left axel tube, came off easy will take to work and bore out if I cant get them out.I need a new seal surface on hub but i can turn it down and shrink a sleeve on and tig weld that should save me on a hub.just have to get the other hub off left side took some heat to break nut loose. looks like it will be back rolling soon after bearings get here. other side should come apart like its supposed to I hope.thanks again for the help still havent got a shop manual too cheap to buy one besides like most guys i never get lost or read the insructions lol

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No problem man, glad to hear you were able to get something figured out. It is nice to have those kinds of resources at your disposal isn't it?:yes:

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Its back together now outer races came out but had to make a tool to drive out also quadboss bearings came with 2 seals suzuki only used 1 so while I had axel tube at work I bored out what I thought was a spacer behind the bearings and installed the extra seal on the inside of bearings probably not necessary but could help keep rear differential dry just wanted to pass that along gotta go time to ride thanks again

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