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What do you ride and why???

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Hey ladies! I'm curious what you all ride and why you chose it?

You probably know I have an '08 Yamaha Rhino, black armor body, with lots of upgrades! :yes:

Walker Evans shocks, Lonestar Rollcage, Motosport Alloy wheels, Terracross tires, Looney Tuned Dual Exhaust and much more...can't even think of it all right now! :wink:

I love the mud! :yes: If there's a mud hole around, I'm clearing it out!! I ride in the mountains for the most part and enjoy scenic trails, nothing too extreme or technical. I haven't tried my new shocks out yet, so I am anxious to get to the dunes to see how I do over the whoops now! SO EXCITED!!

YOUR TURN!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:

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I ride a 2007 Arctic Cat 500 lime green and sometimes a 2008 Kaw. Tyrex dark green. I love my cat because it can go anywhere...even when the boys get stuck I go right through :-)

Swampcat and I try to ride every weekend... we try to go to different places all the time.

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I have a 1996 Yamaha Warrior 350, I bought it used Dec 2009. It was in great shape, I have had to replace some parts...as expected. I do have a really loud muffler on it-all the guys love it. I love to ride in the mud as well!! Its the best fun-the dirtier I get- the happier I am! I ride at my work place & a little at home-I made some woods trails. Looking to go elsewhere, nothing too hard-just for fun. I also have a 2004 Suzuki Quadsport 400, it was a racer-so Im told. Its fast, but I really enjoy the Warrior most. This winter Im gonna clean both up & see what they need-nothing pretty or wasteful, just to keep it in top performance shape. I am totally addicted. If Im having a bad day-go for a ride and I feel so much better.

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I ride a kfx450. My husband bought it for me to upgrade from my 250 Mojave so I could race motocross. I love racing and trail riding. I wish there were more places around to race and ride at but we are a little limited around here. If it was possible I would race every weekend, but until I win the lottery I just get to race a few ;-)

I am glad to see there are so many women out that that like to get dirty!

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