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  2. Hey, My name is Allie and I live in PA. My husband and I like to ride together. We mostly ride in PA and in NY. I started off riding a Kaw. Bayou 250, then I rode my huband's Arctic Cat and I needed one too lol :-) For now we just have a golden retriever, he's my baby :-)
  3. Hey, glad to hear she likes it :-) My arm is taking its good old time to heal, I still have some stiches in it :-(....I tried to ride the cat last weekend at mud tech..that didnt work out too well...good thing we have the tyrex. Allie
  4. I ride a 2007 Arctic Cat 500 lime green and sometimes a 2008 Kaw. Tyrex dark green. I love my cat because it can go anywhere...even when the boys get stuck I go right through :-) Swampcat and I try to ride every weekend... we try to go to different places all the time.
  5. How about the best group photo from a ride?
  6. Nice pics Mike.. I like the one with the bridge!
  7. Awesome...Congrats.. we will have to all go for a ride with the cats when my arm is all better :-)
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