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ATV Headset suggestions

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I have been researching an inexpensive way to communicate with other riders when trail riding. I know companies make bluetooth helmets with built in mics and ear phones, but they are expensive and I already have a great helmet I don't want to replace. I currently use two way radios to communicate with fellow riders, but they typically require you to stop to talk or ride one handed. Sometimes the atv motor noise drowns out the caller alert beeping noise the walkies make to alert u someone is communicating, so u miss a riders call. I found a two way radio accessory item for Midland two ways radios that in theory would work, but the reviews are spotty. Other companies may offer similar product


I like the idea of having a push to talk button right on handlebar so u can chat while u ride. The earphones mount inside the your existing helmet and it has a wired mic too. If u can handle having wires hang out of your helmet the concept seems cool. The reviews are good and bad tho. People complain the earphones are too quiet and you can barely hear thru them. Has anyone used these items or have something similar they recommend. Some of my fellow riders have 2 stroke bikes and they are so loud a helmet mic and ear phone set up would b great. If any one has used these or something similar I'd like your feedback or recommendations. We ride a lot of trails and it's easy to loose track of riders when trail paths fork several times. LOL

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Yeah, the push button Talk feature is key when riding. I hate to stop and answer my 2 way calls. My Uniden 2 ways aren't quite loud enough when I'm wearing my helmet and loud motor is running which is y I wanted to buy a ear phone & mic type of kit. Let me know what u think of the Chatterbox when u install it. I'm anxious to get something that works, but sketchy reviews have kept me from buying anything. My cell phone is bluetooth and has loud ringer but I don't always have a signal in the woods, u know? I'd really like a nice handlebar mnt Push to Talk kit for my 2 ways.

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The x2 isnt bluetooth capable but there are a couple other chatterbox units that are. Same reason as you is why I opted not to get BT. Where I ride I dont have network coverage so no Pandora radio, XM radio not even a good gps signal on T-Mobile. Cell coverage is also quite limited.

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Right, bluetooth is cool, but I didn't want to drop serious coin on the ability to talk on trails. We take our 2 ways camping and when we go ATV riding in woods. They work great when the cell phones won't work. BTW this is off topic, but if u ride offroad and CAN get a cell signal try using Google "My Tracks" app (it's free) on your GPS smart phone. I've used it a couple places we ride where cell towers are within range and it's cool seeing the satellite view of the trails u ride. U can even upload the tracks and email them to friends or send still shots like the one I've attached. I have an old Garmin eTrex that works ok, but the screen is only black and white and it's runs very slow. One time I had a rider get lost from our pack and I sent him "My Tracks" link from my phone to show him where we were on trail. We were lucky our cell phones had signal. This only works is u aren't deep in the forest tho. I wish I had a Satellite phone with GPS and wireless talk, but I'm not rich so for now I use cheap 2 ways and cell ph when i can. LOL!




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