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2002 Yamaha Blaster will not idle


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i have a 02 blaster my reeds went out and gas was dumping in to the crank case i rebilt the bottem end and put new reeds in now it will not kick start but it will pop start and when it starts it will not idel and when i try to tune it it all over the place ITS MAKEING ME NUTS

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Did you do a leak test on the motor? It is very important that there are no air leaks or the motor will not run properly. Hard starting and idle problems are both problems that can occur from a leak. You can try to spray some carb cleaner around the motor while it is running. Since it wont idle it would be easiest with 2 people. Check all over the motor, anywhere there is a gasket, there could be a leak. The best thing to do would be to remove the motor and do an actual leak down test. Plug off the exhuast outlet with an expanding rubber plug like the ones in the attatched pic. Then build an apparatus similar to the one in the picture, you need the part that goes into the intake boot to fit well so the clamp can be tightened around it creating an air tight seal. Pump the motor up to about 6psi, close the valve and watch the guage for about 6 minutes. If you loose more than 1/2 psi per minute, you have a significant leak. Use a spray bottle with soapy water in it to check for leaks, and to make sure you aren't leaking at the exhuast plug or where the pressure tester goes into the intake boot. You can buy leak down test kits, but they can be very expensive, it can be made for $20-$30 with stuff you can pick up at a harware store.


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