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1998 Suzuki King Quad LT-4WDX Oil Temp Light Problem


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Hi i have been having problem with my Suzuki King Quad. Last week the oil temp light came on, so i checked the oil and it didn't have any so i put about 2 liters of 10w-30 (it takes 10w-40) But since its winter i figured it wouldn't be a problem. The light went away then it came back and has been stuck on ever since (even when its been parked for 24 hours). I thought i was just a sensor problem, so i have still have been driving it and Plowing my drive way. 2 days ago i drove it for about an hour and then i noticed when i was driving slow that it was smoking a bit, i looked under and saw no problem, Then i got off and looked again and there was oil everywhere on the head and where the exhaust pipe comes out of the head, it was on fire! The fire stopped by its self and only was light for 10 seconds. I started it yesterday and it ran, but the oil temp light is still on and now gas is leaking out of the (res,pri,on) switcher. I need Help please. :mad:

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Well the leaking gas tells me you need a new fuel vavle. The leaking fuel valve could also be causing a vacuum leak that is causing the engine to run lean and therefore hot. I would start by fixing the fuel vavle problem. The oil may problem may be a head gasket, bad vavle guides, or worn rings. The first thing you need to do is clean the motor off, and see if you can tell exactly where the oil is leaking from. If it is coming out of the exhuast itself, the head gasket or even just the valve cover gasket. Knowing where the oil is getting out will help us help you figure out the problem.

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