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Bleeding Brakes NOT working! Help!!

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I bought a 97' Big Bear several months ago. The brakes were in rough shape so I replaced the pads all around. The front was getting no pressure, so I replaced the Master Cylinder thinking that would solve the problem. I've tried bleeding the brakes on two different occasions, and still no pressure?! Is there some magical trick to bleeding the brakes??? I've pulled the handle, held it, turned the bleed screw slightly then closed approximately 100 times on both and still no pressure.:mad:

Any suggestions, tricks, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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Loosen bleeder, squeeze brake lever slowly until pulled all the way in. Now tighten the bleeder and release the lever. Now repeat the process and dont forget to check the master cylinder to add fluid while bleeding the system. Its best to bleed the breaks with 2 people makes it much easier.

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Two people is definitely easier. I would squeeze the handle a few times to build up the pressure, hold it down, then release the bleeder. Make sure the master is always full.

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I use a large syringe with a hose attatched to the end. Put the hose over the bleeder bolt, while pulling lightly on the syringe plunger, loosen the bleeder bleeder bolt, pull the plunger until you stop seeing air bubbles, shut the bleeder. Everything has to fit with an air tight seal, and don't run the master cylinder out of fluid, or air will just keep getting in. I have found this to work much quicker than the conventional method. You can buy brake bleed kits that do the same thing, and are easier to use than my home made unit.

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