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2006 Suzuki Eiger Fan Troubleshooting


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Been scanning forums on this issue. Noticed recently that the cooling fan has not been cycling on like it once did. My oil temp light is not coming on (it is working in the test mode when you turn the key switch on). The ATV does not get submerged in mud or water. It primarily ride fire roads and our local gravel roads. I do plow with it and gave it a workout this winter. The cooling fan fuse is good, there is nothing in the fan and the blades turn freely by hand. I assume it is either the fan switch or the fan. Can someone describe the procedure for applying 12V directly to the fan to test it. Do you disconnect the blue connector between the fan switch and fan and do it there? If so do you need to connect + and - to the pins in the connector or just +, I am not sure how to do this and do not want to fry the fan if it is good. Any advice on how to test the fan is appreciated.

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I'm pretty sure if there are two leads to the fan, just hook up your positive and negative. If they are reverse teh fan will spin reverse. I think...that is. I don;t have a wiring schematic on this. But if the fan does come on but not cycling when it should, it might be the switch.

Check out these diagrams:

2006 Suzuki LT-A400F EIGER AUTO 4WD Parts, 2006 Suzuki LT-A400F EIGER AUTO 4WD OEM Parts - BikeBandit.com

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Got it. The fan cycles so that is a relief did not want to spend the cash on one unless I had to. Ill try to ride it a bunch and see if it comes on. Certainly if the oil temp light comes on Ill know for sure. I just remember the fan coming on a fair amount. The bike only has 437 miles on it and I bought it new. I guess it is possible that the engine is not producing as much heat now that it is semi-broken-in? :laugh:


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I recently changed my cooling fan and fan switch on an 05 Suzuki Eiger. It wasn't all that hard to do. I took off both right and left inner fenders and was able to get to evrything easily. The electical connections just plug together. I knew that the fan switch was bad and the fan had bearings were getting noisy.

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